Dunkin free donut Wednesday makes hump day more bearable

Dunkin' assorted donuts. Image Courtesy Clint Blowers, Dunkin'
Dunkin' assorted donuts. Image Courtesy Clint Blowers, Dunkin' /

You don’t need a talking camel to announce the Dunkin free donut Wednesday offer. Sure hump day might not be the most exciting day of the week, but now it is a sweet one. How can you get your free donut from Dunkin?

Available March 24 through April 21, this free donut offer is available to DD Perks members. To receive the free donut, DD Perks members have to purchase a qualifying beverage.

While many donut lovers might dream that ever donut would be free, there could be a little caveat on this free food offer. The free donut has to be a classic donut. Luckily, that list includes “Strawberry Frosted with Sprinkles, Glazed, Boston Kreme, or Double Chocolate.” Would anyone really turn away a free donut?

This Dunkin free donut Wednesday promotion comes after its Spring menu launch. From the new matcha drinks to the avocado toast added to the menu, there are plenty of reasons to make another run to Dunkin.

Joanna Bonder, Director, Loyalty Marketing and Strategy at Dunkin’, said, “We know people are craving some fun and excitement to break up the week. With Free Donut Wednesdays, we’re excited to give our DD Perks members a free sweet treat to help beat the midweek slump and keep them running with a smile,”

Over the past year, breakfast routines have changed. Now that morning coffee might come later in the day or it is a special trip to break up the monotony of working from home. This type of special free food offer can entice guests to make that effort to get out of the house because of the food promotion.

At the same time, loyal customers will appreciate the free donut bonus. Many people have and will continue to have Dunkin as the morning routine. Receiving a free donut for a purchase that they would already make is a huge win for them.

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Are you excited for the Dunkin free donut Wednesday promotion? What is your go-to Dunkin beverage and donut pairing?