LIFEWTR Immune support takes a sip towards the functional beverage trend

New LIFEWTR Immune Support offering, photo provided by lifewater
New LIFEWTR Immune Support offering, photo provided by lifewater /

While water is always important for hydration, LIFEWTR immune support joins the functional beverage trend. With “10% of the recommended daily value of Zinc,” this beverage is getting attention. From its creative packaging to the health and wellness direction, there are many reasons to put this water bottle in the cart.

Over the past year, the functional beverage market has increased dramatically. While healthy eating is often a focus, finding a way to boost wellness through a beverage makes it easy. From extra vitamins to drinking to boost certain criteria, the reality is that just plain water is out of fashion.

Regarding the launch of this new beverage, Zach Harris, Vice President, Water Portfolio at PepsiCo Beverages North America, said, “Research has shown that consumers are increasingly prioritizing beverages with functional ingredients that support health and wellness, particularly those that aid normal immune function. Because we are committed to matching that demand with industry-leading innovation, we’re thrilled to launch the LIFEWTR brand’s first line extension, LIFEWTR Immune Support.”

As the first product extension since the brand began in 2017, it is interesting that the choice was a functional beverage. In some ways, this addition shows that function might be more important than flavor. Even though other water brands added to their flavor portfolio, LIFEWTR takes the conversation in a different direction.

LIFEWTR has set itself apart with its bottle design and the new immunity offering continues that purpose. Designed by Zach Lieberman, the artist and educator highlights a code-based design. In a way, that decision shows that the brand is looking ahead and seeing new ways to bring innovation into the conversation.

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Next time when you look to grab a bottle of LIFEWTR, look for the blue cap. That sip of LIFEWTR Immunity could be more than just another bottle of refreshing hydration.