New Pop-Tarts pie flavors are a sweet slice of deliciousness

New Pop-Tarts Pie Flavors, photo provided by Pop Tarts
New Pop-Tarts Pie Flavors, photo provided by Pop Tarts /

New Pop-Tarts pie flavors will make this summer even sweeter. While foodies might have the ultimate food fight on pie versus cake as the best dessert, the reality is that these new Pop-Tart flavors are irresistible. Which new Pop-Tarts pie flavors will you try first?

Available in June 2021, the new Pop-Tarts pie flavors are Lemon Crème Pie, Banana Crème Pie and Peach Cobbler. While the brand has a variety of sweet flavors in its line-up, these flavors seem to be a slice of summer. If you are over all the baking from the past year, it seems that there is a tasty solution.

Looking at these new Pop-Tarts, they do seem to focus on fruit flavors. While the crème aspect brings the sweetness, the fruit should be the focus. From the slightly tart lemon to the classic banana, those flavors will make sure that the Pop-Tart mimics the best part of those pies.

Pop-Tarts Pie Flavors include Banana Creme Pie
New Pop-Tarts Pie Flavors, Banana Creme Pie, photo provided by Pop Tarts /

Given that these flavors are launching in the summer, it seems that there is a nod to classic desserts. During that backyard picnic, who hasn’t enjoyed some Peach Cobbler with a barbecue?

While some people will love enjoying dessert flavors at breakfast, another way to enjoy these Pop-Tarts could make them a great summer treat. For example, putting Pop-Tarts in the freezer makes for a tasty option on a hot day.

Or, why not use these new flavors as a crumble for an ice cream or in a milkshake. In some ways, the Pop-Tarts dessert line becomes a dessert itself. And, a semi-homemade treat could be the easy way to satisfy those sweet cravings.

The new Pop-Tart pie flavors and additions to the dessert line will be available starting in June. The Lemon Crème Pie and Peach Cobbler will be available in an 8-count box, which has a suggested retail price of $2.89. Pop-Tarts Banana Crème Pie will be sold in a 16-count box with a suggested retail price of $3.68.

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Are you craving a sweet slice of new Pop-Tarts flavors? What is your favorite Pop-Tarts flavor?