Pillsbury Soft Baked Cookies do all the baking for you

Pillsbury Soft Baked cookies, photo provided by Pillsbury
Pillsbury Soft Baked cookies, photo provided by Pillsbury /

Coming to the grocery aisle, the Pillsbury Soft Baked Cookies satisfy that cookie craving without ever turning on an oven. While Pillsbury Baking has been a trusted brand for over 100 years, those favorite cookies usually required an oven. Now, these ready to eat cookies ensure that the perfect cookie is ready and waiting to be enjoyed.

For many people, the aroma of a freshly baked cookie is extremely tempting. As the sweetness wafts from the oven, the anticipation builds to enjoy that first soft cookie bite. But, the waiting and the heat from the oven isn’t always the best choice. Sometimes, you just want to eat a cookie, right then and there.

The new Pillsbury Soft Baked Cookies skip the oven and bring the Pillsbury deliciousness that people love directly to the cookie aisle. The new cookies are available in four flavors, Chocolate Chip, Confetti, Sugar with Drizzled Icing and Peanut Butter with Chocolatey Drizzle. These cookies represent the first time that Pillsbury has entered the cookie aisle.

Jeff Caswell, president, General Mills Snacks Division, said, “While our fans love baking Pillsbury products in the oven, our consumer research indicates there are times that a ready-to-eat cookie is preferred. We focused on launching Pillsbury Soft Baked Cookies for that quick treat, knowing there is not always time for baking.”

Which Pillsbury Soft Baked Cookies should you try first?

Everyone has a favorite cookie. Whether it is grandma’s secret recipe or the flavor that brings back a childhood memory, one cookie just calls. With the new Pillsbury Soft Baked Cookies, it can be hard to pick just one favorite cookie.

To turn any day into a celebration, the Confetti cookie is a great choice. The birthday cake flavor is there, but the sprinkles add to the fun. Who can turn down sprinkles? Since the texture is soft, the sprinkles add a little texture surprise. If you are looking for a little extra treat, this cookie would be perfect for semi-homemade ice cream sandwiches. For a summer picnic, it would make for a fun dessert.

The most decadent flavor of the four cookies is definitely the peanut butter with Chocolatey drizzle. The sweetness of the chocolate balances the richness of the peanut butter. With this cookie, it is best to have a cold glass of milk to sip while eating. For adults, a glass of red wine with this cookie could be that reward after a long week.

The most surprising cookie of the four flavors is the sugar with drizzled icing. Instead of the classic sanding sugar, the pretty pink icing makes adds a touch of whimsy. Without being too sweet, the cookie is perfect for a little afternoon indulgence. Whether or not you enjoy this cookie with a cup of tea is up to you, but it is a delicate cookie that deserves a moment to savor.

Lastly, the chocolate chip cookie is always a popular choice. With that soft texture that satisfies in every bite, it deserves to be a constant on the pantry shelf.

The Pillsbury Soft Baked Cookies will be available at Walmart with a suggested retail price of $3.69.

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Isn’t it time to give the oven a rest? With the Pillsbury Soft Baked Cookies you can satisfy that cookie craving any time of day.