Turkey Hill new novelty ice cream treats have ice cream fans wanting more

Turkey Hill new ice cream offerings, photo provided by Turkey Hill
Turkey Hill new ice cream offerings, photo provided by Turkey Hill /

Turkey Hill is the Northeast’s number one ice cream brand and the Turkey Hill new novelty ice cream treats are a reason to indulge in that rich, creamy ice cream that everyone has come to love. While a scoop of that classic vanilla ice cream is always a delicious choice, these new offerings might have you enjoying a second helping of ice cream during the day.

In the past year, ice cream has become the sweet indulgence that seems to bring a scoop of happy. Putting aside those pesky connotations of eating too much dessert, ice cream has brought a sense of comfort, almost child-like enthusiasm to an endless monotony of the daily grind. In some ways, that bowl of ice cream was the reward for making it through another endless zoom call.

While traditional pints of ice cream will always have a place in the freezer, novelty ice cream is trending. From the single serve sundaes to the classic ice cream sandwiches, dessert lovers have many options in the freezer aisle. The most difficult decision is picking just one.

According to Kriston Ohm, Marketing Director, “Turkey Hill novelties are crafted using quality ingredients and creamy premium ice cream, because life, like ice cream, should be joyful and sweet.” While the brand is tops in the Northeast, the nationwide expansion and new novelty ice cream treats will change the ice cream conversation.

Turkey Hill new novelty Ice cream treats
Turkey Hill new ice cream offerings, photo provided by Turkey Hill /

Tasty reasons why the Turkey Hill new novelty ice cream treats are a must try.

Turkey Hill just launched several new novelty ice cream treats. They include Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches, Layered Sundae Cups and Fruit and Cream Bars. With multiple flavors in each offering, it would take over two weeks to samples all the new ice cream choices.

If you want two desserts in one, the Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches are a must try. While the ice cream is the luscious Turkey Hill ice cream that everyone has come to love, the cookie is what sets these ice cream sandwiches apart.

The cookie has a homemade texture. It is slightly crunchy but still chewy enough not to crumble on the first bite. It ensures that every bite has the perfect combination of cookie and ice cream.

Second, the cookies are double chocolate chip. The cookie flavor pairs perfectly with the four ice cream flavors, Vanilla Bean, Peanut Butter, Chocolate, and Choco Mint Chip. More importantly, it adds a richness without being too sweet.

Personally, the Peanut Butter with the double chocolate chip cookie is a must try. If you love peanut butter and chocolate, this ice cream cookie sandwich will be your favorite.

If you prefer to enjoy ice cream with a spoon, the Layered Sundae Cups are an ice cream eating adventure. Whether you dig to the bottom of the cup to get each and every layer in one complete bite or prefer to eat layer by layer, these sundae cups are the ultimate indulgence.

The new Layered Sundae Cups are available in “Caramel Brownie, Cookies & Cream, Cookie Dough Delight, Strawberry Shortcake, Peanut Butter Cup, Ultimate Fudge, Chocolate Cream Pie and Party Cake.” The Strawberry Shortcake flavor is exciting because it offers the perfect amount of the strawberry syrup. On a warm day, this dessert will beat any strawberry shortcake that grandma makes.

For a more indulgent offering, the Caramel Brownie is a great option. From the crunchy brownie bites to the sweet caramel, it hits all the right flavor notes. The flavor is so tasty that you will scrape every last morsel from the bottom of the cup.

While the first two Turkey Hill new novelty ice cream treats have a touch of indulgence, the Fruit and Cream bars could be the most surprising offering of the new ice cream line-up. In some ways, the creamy ice cream on a stick might make you re-think needing a spoon to enjoy ice cream.

Made with the Turkey Hill premium ice cream, these bars have real pieces of fruit within it. More importantly, the pieces of fruit are a decent size which adds to the enjoyment.

For example, the Strawberry Fruit and Cream bars have that authentic strawberry and cream flavor. While you might not be eating a bowl in front of the lawns at Wimbledon, the combination of sweet strawberries and luscious cream is irresistible. This Turkey Hill bar will instantly become a huge success.

The Turkey Hill Fruit and Cream Bars come in four flavors, Strawberry, Coconut, Orange, and Strawberry Lemonade. While not suggested by the brand, these desserts could make for a fun “adult beverage combination dessert.” Similar to an adult popsicle in a sparkling wine floater, these fruit and cream bars offer many summer time party possibilities.

The Turkey Hill new novelty Ice cream treats are available at participating retailers. Check the brand’s website for locations and availability.

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Sometimes a little taste of joy is just a scoop away. With these Turkey Hill new novelty ice cream treats, the sweet life is meant to be enjoyed.