What happened to the McDonald’s Shamrock Sundae?

Shamrock Shakes and OREO Shamrock McFlurry are back at McDonald's. Image courtesy of McDonald's
Shamrock Shakes and OREO Shamrock McFlurry are back at McDonald's. Image courtesy of McDonald's /

Have you had a McDonald’s Shamrock Sundae? As McDonald’s Shamrock Shake returns to the menu, one dessert food is still missing. With everyone jumping to get their first taste of that minty frozen treat, why hasn’t the Shamrock Sundae ever returned to the McDonald’s menu?

For over 50 years, the Shamrock Shake as delighted McDonald’s fans. Originally created by Hal Rosen, the instantly successful frozen food treat has people counting the day till the limited time offering re-appears.

Over the years, McDonald’s has celebrated this seasonal menu offering in various ways. From the huge 50th anniversary celebration to trying to set world records with humongous sized offerings, the Shamrock Shake always seems to make people excited.

While McDonald’s decided to offer the Shamrock OREO McFlurry, it did not choose to bring back the Shamrock Sundae. In 1980, there was a limited time offering of vanilla soft serve topped with mint green Shamrock syrup. For those who enjoyed that vintage treat, the minty color and flavor seemed to put a little spring in their step.

Unfortunately, that offering hasn’t come back. Given some people’s preference for colorful food trends, it seems that this sundae would have many people excited. Just think of the kids who would jump for the opportunity to swirl that bright green syrup in their ice cream?

Although McDonald’s would never comment about why certain menu items return or do not return, there could be a variety of reasons why this sundae isn’t back on the menu. Maybe some people do not want that bright green syrup. Or, maybe the Shamrock McFlurry is just a better choice for current food trends.

As seen recently with the return of the Hi-C beverage to McDonald’s menus, guests could start a Shamrock Sundae petition. Maybe if enough people ask for the seasonal treat, it could make a triumphant return next year. It could be the pot of gold that the end of the McDonald’s dessert food menu.

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What other McDonald’s menu items would you like to see return? Is there a McDonald’s menu item that needs to go away?