McDonald’s brings back this fan favorite beverage

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McDonald’s fans have been thirsty for one beverage that has been missing from the menu. After a concerted effort, this fan favorite drink is back. Are you ready to sip on some Hi-C Orange?

Sometimes people have favorite flavor combinations. While dipping fries or chicken nuggets into a soda might be questionable, most people have a go-to beverage. In some cases, people might even pick one restaurant over another just because of the beverage selection.

Many people were upset when McDonald’s stopped serving Hi-C Orange (Hi-C Orange Lavaburst). While they could not drown their sorrow in a sip, many people took to social media. Luckily, the iconic quick service restaurant saw people’s pleas and have added the beloved beverage back to the menu.

Even McDonald’s social media manager celebrated.

Where can you get Hi-C Orange?

While the beverage will return to all McDonald’s locations by summer, there is a beverage tracker. Simply by entering a zip, you can find a close location. It is like that McRib finder, but only for refreshment.

Hi-C Orange has had a long relationship with McDonald’s. The beverage debuted on McDonald’s menus in 1955. The non-carbonated orange drink captivated people’s attention with its fruity flavor.

Even though this beverage is returning, Fanta Orange fans do not have to worry. The carbonated orange drink will be available, too. McDonald’s is making sure that everyone has their preferred beverage.

The biggest takeaway from this triumphant beverage return is a simple one. Brands do listen to their loyal customers. The response might not be immediate, but they are taking notice. Whether it is Hi-C Orange or the McRib, the people’s voices are being heard. Now, if only McDonald’s would bring back the Stroopwafel McFlurry. Anyone want to join that petition?

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What McDonald’s menu item would you like to see back on the menu?