How much longer can you enjoy a McRib at McDonald’s?

McDonald's McRib is back, photo provided by McDonald's
McDonald's McRib is back, photo provided by McDonald's /

If you haven’t satisfied your McRib at McDonald’s craving, you should place an order soon.

The McRib at McDonald’s triumphant return had many people celebrating at the end of last year. That iconic, special sandwich has legions of fans. While the McRib returned to all McDonald’s locations, the fast food restaurant brand mentioned that it would be available for a limited time. Has that time come to an end?

If you have the McDonald’s app, you might have received a reminder to place your McRib order soon before it goes away. Although there was no specific end date offer when McDonald’s announced the return of the McRib, it is a limited time menu. So, when will it go away?

Often, McDonald’s limited time menu items last about two months. Given that the McRib came back in the end of 2020, it seems likely that the McRib will be gone by Spring if not sooner.

Although many people would love for the McRib to be a permanent menu item, it doesn’t seem likely that it will ever happen. One of the reasons why is that the limited edition offering makes it special. If it was around all the time, many people wouldn’t crave it.

Just like that Shamrock Shake that is only available during certain months, that special offering brings excitement. Even if you don’t get a Big Mac periodically, many people run to get that taste of the limited-edition menu item. Again, the limited time offer makes it more craveable.

So, if you haven’t had a change to get a bite of the McRib, you might want to head to your local McDonald’s and place an order. While the end date isn’t known yet, it will be gone before you know it. Don’t let that craving go unsatisfied.

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What limited edition McDonald’s menu would you like to see return? More importantly, have you had the McRib at McDonald’s yet?