Do you know the secret behind the Haribo green Goldbear?

HARIBO Goldbears, photo provided by HARIBO
HARIBO Goldbears, photo provided by HARIBO /

In the bag of colorful gummy bears, the Haribo green Goldbear is a special treat. While the old phrase you eat with your eyes might give a glimpse of a favorite flavor, the reality is that this flavor may not be what it seems. Do you know the secret behind the Haribo green Goldbear?

For 100 years, Haribo has been provided delicious gummy bears to candy fans. While the brand started in Germany, now it is sold all over the world. According to the brand, “100 million Goldbears are made around the world every day.”

Although the iconic Goldbears are always associated with Haribo, it isn’t the only gummy candy that the brand produces. From seasonal treats to the Happy Cola to even the Sour Streamers, there is a gummy candy to satisfy any food craving.

What started as the Dancing Bear has been transformed into everyone’s favorite Goldbears. Those candies even received a birth certificate when they were “born,” that iconic candy isn’t always what it seems. A little secret is hidden in the candy bag.

Is the Haribo green Goldbear your favorite flavor?

Haribo believes that its fun sharing quality makes it irresistible. But, everyone seems to have a favorite flavor. While the US version of the candy has five flavors, one particular one usually has people stumped.

The gummy bear flavors are pineapple, lemon, orange and raspberry. Usually, color is a good way to identify a particular flavor, or it is.

The Haribo green Goldbear is strawberry flavor. While many people know this food fact, it can be a fun game to play with little kids. Sometimes people think that a green colored treat is lime.

Without telling someone, hand them a gummy and ask the flavor. Will the color influence their palate? Maybe it will or many it won’t. Either way, it is an opportunity to play with food and have a little fun. With candy, there should always be some fun in the bowl.

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What is your favorite gummy candy? Do you ever play with your food?