Nostalgic Ice Cream: One bite brings back a taste of childhood

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Sometimes nostalgic ice cream is that bite that always brings happiness.

While innovative ice cream flavors get people excited, nostalgic ice cream is that brings back a taste of childhood. From that simple scoop of vanilla ice cream with whipped cream and a cherry on top to a banana split, there are all types of classic ice cream treats.

The frozen food aisle holds a variety of classic ice cream treats to be discovered. Who’s screaming for ice cream?

Here are FoodSided’s favorite nostalgic ice cream treats that make us smile.


In its simplicity, the classic Drumstick is a great ice cream treat. That scoop of vanilla ice cream covered in chocolate and peanuts served in a sugar cone is always tasty. The combination of flavors and textures makes it a perfect bite.

Over the years, Drumstick has expanded on its classic version. From Crushed It with cookie pieces to the Mini Drums which is a smaller version of the classic, there is an option for every craving.


With that iconic jingle in your head, what would you do for a Klondike Bar? That question has been asked and answered in a variety of ways. No matter the reason or purpose, people are always willing to take a bite of that Klondike bar.

While the original version is always delightful, the brand has found ways of innovating over the years. The most recent version, Klondike Donuts combine that love of donuts and ice cream into a single bite. Although the frozen treat does not contain donuts, it is a fun donut inspired ice cream treat.

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Good Humor Strawberry Shortcake, photo provided by Good Humor /

Good Humor

Although there might not be a Good Humor truck driving through the neighborhood, those frozen treats are part of the food culture. Many people grew up with those OREO cookie crusted ice cream bars as part of the school dessert.

While the classic OREO cookie Good Humor bars were a personal favorite, there are many other versions in the freezer aisle. From the orange dreamsicle to the strawberry shortcake, it can be hard to pick one over the other.

Plus, Good Humor continues to evolve its flavors. The new Good Humor Pop Tarts flavor brings two iconic treats into a single bite. What could be better than that?

Choco Taco

Let’s be honest, the name is one of the reasons why this nostalgic ice cream tops our list. Whether it is dessert for Taco Tuesday or just an excuse to have a little fun with dessert, there is nothing better than an ice cream taco. No guacamole required.

Truthfully, the freezer aisle is full of all types of nostalgic ice cream offerings. From that pint of Breyers to a loaded sundae, there are all types of ice cream treats that will make you scream for more ice cream. Sometimes a sweet treat can make any day seem a little brighter.

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What is your favorite nostalgic ice cream? Do you like the classic flavors or prefer something new?