Breyers Cinnabon inspires creative frozen dessert combinations

Breyers Cinnabon, photo by Cristine Struble
Breyers Cinnabon, photo by Cristine Struble /

Breyers Cinnabon is the flavor combination of your frozen dessert dreams.

Sometimes just a word can make you instantly think of an aroma, a flavor or a craving. Breyers Cinnabon combines two iconic brands for the ultimate frozen dessert indulgence. Whether you enjoy a simple scoop or create a special frozen treat, this Breyers flavor might become your new dessert indulgence.

Thinking about ice cream, plain vanilla has been replaced by a myriad of flavor combinations. From seasonal offerings to innovative creations, it seems that the ice cream bowl is far from bland and boring.

The Breyers Cinnabon combines “a sweet cinnamon flavored based with swirls of gooey cinnamon roll flavor and delicious dough bites.” The little dough bites act like a hidden surprise in a spoonful. It is that little burst flavor that makes this frozen treat even more tasty.

While this frozen treat is quite tasty straight out of the container, a few frozen dessert combinations could elevate the flavor experience even more. In a way, it is best to build on the sweet cinnamon flavors that are in the ice cream.

For example, a simple way to enjoy this Breyers frozen treat is in an affogato. Basically, this dessert idea combines ice cream and coffee.

Personally, the combination of a Keurig Cinnabon K-Cup and the Breyers Cinnabon makes for a great dessert or even a really decadent coffee at brunch.

If you decide to try the affogato, put the Breyers in the cup first and then pour the coffee over it. Also, let coffee cool a little. While the Breyers will melt, you want to enjoy the flavors and textures, not just turn the Breyers into a flavorful coffee creamer.

Another idea combines Cinnabon cinnamon buns with the Breyers Cinnabon. Did you know that you can waffle a cinnamon bun? The versatility of the waffle maker is on display in this frozen dessert idea.

Pillsbury makes Grands Cinnabon cinnamon rolls. Instead of baking them in the oven, cook one at a time in the waffle maker. Make sure to spray the waffle maker with non-stick cooking spray. Depending on waffle makers, the cooking times may vary.

Once those cinnamon rolls are made, you have a couple of options. While they are still warm, you can roll it slightly and turn it into a taco. Then fill the cinnamon roll taco with the Breyers.

If you aren’t confident with your taco rolling skills, you can make a cinnamon bun ice cream sandwich. The “waffled” cinnamon buns work perfectly in an ice cream sandwich. For a little added flavor boost, roll the edges in crushed pecans or walnuts.

Truthfully, the “waffled” cinnamon buns could become your new breakfast, brunch and dessert hack. Just think of the flavor possibilities.

No matter if you enjoy a scoop, affogato or a cinnamon bun sandwich, the Breyers Cinnabon is a must try. Check out your local retailers for availability.

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What is your favorite Breyers ice cream flavor? Do you prefer adventurous flavors or more traditional ice cream?