La Colombe Hard Cold Brew Coffee is our new brunch obsession


Move over mimosas because brunch has a new beverage. The La Colombe Hard Cold Brew Coffee is changing the coffee cocktail game.

Just released, La Colombe Hard Brew Coffee could become the must have brunch beverage. While mimosas and Bloody Marys have been a brunch staple, those cocktails don’t offer the caffeine kick that might be needed in the morning. This new coffee cocktail combines the caffeine and the liquor in just the right proportions.

Cold brew coffee, as well as ready to go coffee, have grown tremendously. Cold brew coffee offers a smooth taste, a less bitter quality and often doesn’t need additional flavors. It gives coffee lovers the rich flavor that they crave.

In a similar light, coffee fans want convenience. The rise of ready to go/grab and go coffee options is huge. These canned and bottle coffee beverages sit side by side with those classic sodas and bottled water.

Coffee is no longer just a morning beverage. Whether it is the cold brew or the convenience, coffee is drunk 24/7. That growing popularity is seeing its expansion into the cocktail space.

The new collaboration between La Colombe and Miller Coors is coffee cocktail with a medium roast, blended brew. It has a hint of sweetness from cane sugar. Available in both Black and Vanilla, this beverage should have wide appeal.

The La Colombe Hard Cold Brew Coffee combines a lot of beverage trends into a single can. While the cold brew and convenience trends are obvious, this beverage embraces the lower alcohol content trend as well.

With an ABV of 4.2% is it lower than a traditional coffee cocktail. This scenario makes it a delightful brunch cocktail.

Although mimosas and Bloody Marys are common brunch cocktails, many people also enjoy a cup of coffee with that Eggs Benedict or over the top French Toast. The Hard Cold Brew Coffee means that you can replace the other brunch cocktail with this coffee beverage.

Additionally, this cocktail could be a great option when traveling. Some people enjoy a quick drink before getting on a plane. This option could be a great way to stay energized and still calm the travel nerves a little.

The La Colombe Hard Cold Brew Coffee is available in a 4-pack of 9 ounce cans. Additionally, single serve cans are available.

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What do you think of the La Colombe Hard Cold Brew Coffee? Could it become your new brunch cocktail?