Has chocolate ice cream become the most popular ice cream flavor?

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Chocolate ice cream or vanilla? Which is the most popular ice cream flavor?

The debate over the most popular ice cream flavor will never end. Some people cannot resist the rich, decadent chocolate ice cream. Other people prefer classic vanilla. Will there ever be a definite answer to this ice cream debate?

Each year, the International Dairy Foods Association shares its list of the top ice cream flavors. While there are some classic flavors, a trip through the frozen food aisle shows a variety of options. From ice cream filled with candies to bolder, exotic flavors, it seems that ice cream can be almost any flavor imaginable.

Still, people want to know which is the most popular ice cream flavor. It isn’t that everyone has to follow the biggest food trend or most “in” treat. Still, people want to know these little interesting facts.

Usually, vanilla ice cream is the top choice. The versatility that vanilla ice cream offers makes it a common choice.

From a simple scoop on its own to part of an affogato or a topping on another dessert, it seems that vanilla ice can and does go with almost anything. Even though it might be plain jane, a good, flavorful vanilla ice cream cannot be beat.

Still, more and more people are gravitating to chocolate ice cream. The variations of chocolate make this ice cream exciting. From dark chocolate to chunks of chocolate to even a combination of various types of chocolate, the combinations are many.

Additionally, chocolate can be both rich and light. With its variations, it finds a way to be fresh with each scoop.

Although other ice cream flavors are making a run for the most popular ice cream flavor spot, cookies and cream, butter pecan and even mint chocolate cannot overtake chocolate or vanilla. Still, which ice cream is the most popular ice cream flavor?

Vanilla still outranks chocolate. While the race gets tighter each year, chocolate ice cream hasn’t found its way to the top of the list, yet.

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Where do you stand on the most popular ice cream flavors? Do you prefer chocolate or vanilla?