Chocolate ice cream lovers rejoice over DRUMSTICK We Love Chocolate


National Chocolate Ice Cream day is here and what better way to celebrate than to indulge on DRUMSTICK ice cream treats!

Ready to celebrate National Chocolate Ice Cream Day? DRUMSTICK ice cream frozen treats are a perfect treat for the food holiday. While the classic ice cream treat is always a delightful choice on a hot summer day, for June 7, the ice cream company suggests its We Love Chocolate variety pack. Want to join us in enjoying some?

Chocolate fans have been showing their love of chocolate. Per a Eurometer International study, “chocolate sales in the U.S. have risen from $14.2 billion in 2007 to $18.9 billion in 2017.” The 33% increase proves that U.S. consumers love and want more chocolate. Why not indulge those chocolate desires on National Chocolate Ice Cream Day.

National Chocolate Ice Cream Day, DRUMSTICK We Love Chocolate variety pack, photo provided by DRUMSTICK

The DRUMSTICK We Love Chocolate variety pack is a dream for chocolate ice cream fans. With three chocolate options in one variety pack, the biggest problem is figuring out which flavor to try first. Whether you prefer over the top chocolate indulgent or classic chocolate flavors, this ice cream variety pack will become a staple in your freeze.

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The three flavors in the variety pack are Chocolate, White Chocolate Fudge and Chocolate with Fudge. While all three varieties come on the classic sugar cone, the various ice cream flavors make for fun twists. While I love the classic chocolate option, the two fudge center varieties have quickly become my favorites. Yes, you might find me hiding these flavors in the back of my freezer so the kids can’t eat them.

For the ultimate chocolate ice cream fan, the chocolate with fudge is a chocolate explosion. While the fudge center is a special treat, the chocolatey cookie coating is an added bonus. The various textures, all in chocolate flavor, make this treat extremely satisfying. While I know that I should only eat one, it is difficult to not eat every single one in the box.

The kids love the white chocolate with fudge. A slightly sweeter option of the three flavors, the fudge center really pops in this flavor combination. Also, with the chocolate cookie coating, the kids think it is better than any cookies and cream.

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Whether you are celebrating National Chocolate Ice Cream Day or just any day, the DRUMSTICK treats, specifically the We Love Chocolate variety pack, will satisfy the chocolate lovers’ cravings.