Coolhaus Queens’ Coffee celebrates strong women one pint at a time

Coolhaus awesome ice cream launches Queens' Coffee, photo provided by Coolhaus
Coolhaus awesome ice cream launches Queens' Coffee, photo provided by Coolhaus /

While coffee with girlfriends can be uplifting, Coolhaus Queens’ Coffee wants to celebrate every woman’s hard work one pint at a time.

Sometimes a scoop of ice cream can just uplift the spirits. Coolhaus Queens’ Coffee thinks that women deserve a pint of happiness. On International Woman’s Day and during National Woman’s History Month, Coolhaus is looking to give all women a reason to channel their inner queen with its new Queens’ Coffee flavor.

For those who are unfamiliar, Coolhaus is the women founded, women led premium frozen dessert and ice cream brand. Offering modern twists on the classics, these dairy and dairy free frozen treats have legions of fans. From its fleet of food trucks to its presence in Whole Foods, this brand has found a way to set itself apart.

Recently, Coolhaus launched a new flavor Queens’ Coffee. As a women-founded, women led company, the brand specifically chose to partner with Allegro Coffee on this new flavor. Allegro Coffee specifically uses coffee beans that are “fully sourced and produced by women in East Africa.” Additionally, Allegro promotes gender equality and supports programming to give young women a better future, which is a position in line with the Coolhaus mission.

"“As a Certified Women-Owned business, we look forward to International Women’s Day each year as a platform to support the ever-growing community,” said Coolhaus co-founder and CEO Natasha Case. “This year we are excited to work with Allegro Coffee to continue to bring awareness to the badass women across the globe who are working toward a better future for themselves and their community.”"

Available now, the Coolhaus Queens’ Coffee uses the Allegro’s Three Queens Blend. The coffee flavor is bold yet not overpowering. It is a flavor that can stand up to the rich, creamy ice cream. Similar to a strong, smart woman who knows her strength and doesn’t’ disappear in a crowd.

The ice cream is almost like that perfect affogato. The creaminess of the ice cream is satisfying while the coffee flavor brings you back for another sip. Although eating an entire pint by yourself might cause some extra time on the treadmill, that luscious ice cream is worth the indulgence.

To celebrate the new flavor launch, Coolhaus will be sending some pints to some creative and inspiring women. That gesture of gratitude can be the spark to keep working hard.

Since Coolhaus is never one to stand in the shadows, they are even reaching out to a well-known Duchess. Maybe that pint of ice cream can help her stay strong during those family meetings.

The Coolhaus Queens’ Coffee is available at Whole Foods. A pint retails for $6.29.

In support of International Women’s Day, Coolhaus is making a donation to the Myna Mahila Foundation.

Grab a girlfriend, a pint of Coolhaus Queens’ Coffee and raise a spoon to all the strong, smart and successful women who make this world great.

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Is there a woman in your life who deserves a pint of Coolhaus Queens’ Coffee? How has she made a difference in your world?