The country’s favorite ice cream flavors are far from traditional


As National Ice Cream Day approaches, everyone is grabbing a cone, cup or bowl. But, the country’s favorite ice cream flavors might surprise you.

What are your favorite ice cream flavors? With National Ice Cream day quickly approaching, ice cream is on everyone’s mind and on the tip of their tongue. Still, ice cream trends might not be as obvious as everyone presumes.

Everyone seems to have a favorite ice cream flavor. From the classics like chocolate and vanilla to something more bold like salted caramel or Moose Tracks, the idea of just 31 flavors was exceeded many, many years ago.

Still, many people are interested in learning what three flavors top the country’s favorite list. This year GrubHub compiled some data and the results were not quite what everyone expected.

According to GrubHub, the nation’s most popular flavors were “mint chip, cookies and cream and butter pecan.” While these flavors are quite tasty, they are definitely not the old fashion vanilla and chocolate.

Thinking about these flavors, the cookies and cream is an obvious choice. Can anyone really resist that combination of cookies and ice cream? It is like getting two desserts in one.

As for the mint chocolate chip, that flavor can be a little polarizing. Some people really love that bright, refreshing spoonful. Others find the flavor a little overpowering. Maybe it depends on the brand of ice cream, too.

Lastly, did anyone guess the popularity of butter pecan? Maybe people think the swirl of pecans helps to offset the guilt of eating a tub of ice cream. Aren’t nuts supposed to be good for you?

In addition to the top flavors, GrubHub also determined that Wisconsin orders the most ice cream in 2019. While America’s Dairyland loves their cheese, who knew that they loved their ice cream as well.

Of course, these studies are meant to spark a discussion. Whether you agree, disagree or are ambivalent to the findings, it can be a fun fact to throw out at dinner. More importantly, the discussion might have you crave some ice cream.

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Will you be celebrating National Ice Cream Day? If so, what favorite ice cream flavors will you be eating?