Jet-Puffed burnt marshmallows skip the campfire completely, or do they

Jet-Puffed Burnt marshmallows, photo provided by Jet Puffed
Jet-Puffed Burnt marshmallows, photo provided by Jet Puffed /

Don’t be scared of the flame because Jet-Puffed burnt marshmallows do not require any effort. Instead of waiting for summer campfires, that burnt marshmallow flavor has become more convenient. What possibilities do these special Jet-Puffed marshmallows hold?

The food debate over the perfectly done marshmallow never ends. While some people only like the kiss of the flame. Others prefer a marshmallow charred black. And, some people just want to see that flame engulf the sugary treat. Everyone has their preference.

But, that campfire experience can be tinged with fear. Will your marshmallow fall in the fire? Did it get too burnt? Will Big Foot come up from behind you and steal your marshmallow? Well, maybe not Big Foot, but how many kids have lost the perfect marshmallow to a parent who just doesn’t want to wait anymore.

Luckily, Jet-Puffed burnt marshmallows solve the problem. These marshmallows come pre-burnt. A touch crisp, a touch dark, but no campfire needed. From rainy days to those late-night cravings, all you have to do is open a bag. No burnt tongue to worry about, too.

Some people will question the purpose of a burnt marshmallow flavor, but who isn’t tired of cooking after the past year. The sourdough starter has been forgotten. That whipped coffee has fallen. Why can’t people just have some pre-burnt marshmallows?

Now, some people might question how that burnt flavor came to be and who decided on the perfect “doneness” factor. Although the brand won’t reveal their secrets, it seems likely that many, many versions were tested, and millions of people were polled to find the most popular burnt level.

Of course, someone will complain that their preferred roasting is not included in this bag. Maybe there will be a committee to bring back just the slightly toasted marshmallows. Someone will probably post a picture of the bag questioning how the marshmallows are too uniform or maybe not uniform enough.

If you can’t wait to try the Jet-Puffed burnt marshmallows, be sure to look for them on April 1. Or, don’t look for them on April 1. Maybe someone left them in the campfire too long and they went up in flames.

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How do you like your marshmallows, roasted or toasted? How do you have a little fun with your food?