Raise a glass because a new Hallmark Channel wine is coming

New Hallmark Channel Rose Seltzer, photo provided by Hallmark Wines
New Hallmark Channel Rose Seltzer, photo provided by Hallmark Wines /

What goes better with a Hallmark Channel movie than a new Hallmark Channel wine. From that Saturday night new movie to a leisurely afternoon spent watching movies that always have a happy ending, the Hallmark Channel is many people’s favorite diversion. Now, there is a new wine to enjoy and Cheers to that.

Last year, Wines That Rock launched Hallmark Channel wines during the Christmas in July programming. Many people jumped at the chance to pair a wine with their favorite light-hearted, romantic movies.

New for the spring, CHEERS is the new wine that will have Hallmark Channel fans toasting all those picture-perfect moments. The rosé wine seltzer is described as having citrus and light strawberry notes. Whether enjoyed while watching that favorite movie, at a backyard barbecue or even the beach, the canned seltzer can bring a touch of the bubbly refreshment anywhere.

Andrew Nelson, Hallmark Channel Wines winemaker, said “CHEERS is an entirely new category. If you like rosé wine, sparkling wine or hard seltzer, then you will absolutely love CHEERS.”

Since this seltzer is wine based, many people will appreciate the wine alternative. While some hard seltzer options are fruit forward, the flavors are different than a wine. This option seems to take the rose all day idea in a different direction.

And, the Hallmark Channel wine in a single serving can makes it perfect for the time when you just want a single drink without the waste. In addition, the portability is perfect for summer months.

As the hard seltzer category continues to expand, brands need to find ways to stand out. From celebrity partnerships to brand collaborations, a can needs to stand out in the sea of sameness.

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CHEERS is a gluten-free, vegan-friendly wine seltzer. It has 137 calories per serving. The wine seltzer will be available at various retailers and on hallmarkchannelwines.com beginning in May 2021.