Natalie Soto was ready for the Spring Baking Championship challenge

Natalie hero, as seen on Spring Baking Championship, Season 7. Photo provided by Food Network
Natalie hero, as seen on Spring Baking Championship, Season 7. Photo provided by Food Network /

As Spring Baking Championship pushes towards the finale, Natalie Soto has done well in many challenges. While she might have gone from the top of the Spring Board in one challenge only to be in danger of elimination in the next challenge, the reality is that Natalie has had more highs than lows.

The owner of Sweet As Love, Natalie has a passion for creating impressive cakes. From creative designs to innovative flavors, these custom cakes definitely impress.

Recently, Natalie Soto spoke to FoodSided about her time on Spring Baking Championship. Whether or not she earns the coveted Food Network title may not matter. The experience holds many opportunities.

While every baker has a reason to join Spring Baking Championship, Natalie has a unique store. She said, “The show actually contacted me twice! 1st time in 2019 I declined the offer, because I was too nervous to do it LOL. 2nd time, in 2020 I was ready for it!!!”

Although those nerves haven’t been seen on this season, it seems that Natalie has embraced the challenge that the Food Network show offers. Even if some bakes do not go as planned, she has a positive attitude about the whole experience.

As owner of Sweet As Love, Natalie has a flourishing cake business. While she runs the business out of her home, she has learned to adapt.

Natalies said, that the “hardest part about working from home is the space. There’s nothing like sprawling out in a BIG kitchen”

While that space might not be as big as a professional kitchen, Natalie doesn’t let it limit her creations. She said, “Working from home definitely DOES NOT limit what I can do, I make it happen no matter what”

That attitude is important not only for her business but also for Spring Baking Championship. This season has seen all types of difficult challenges. From unusual flavor combinations to elaboration decorations, this Food Network show is not a walk in the park.

Still, Natalie does not shy away from a challenge. She mentioned that the “most outrageous cake might be this Mardi Gras themed cake, I’ll attach a picture!” A quick look at her Instagram account shows a variety of cakes that are visually impressive.

While every baker has a reason for competing, Natalie said, “I really hope that by being on SBC will launch my small business into a household name!”

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Be sure to watch Natalie on Spring Baking Championship, which airs on Monday nights at 9 p.m. and on discovery+.

Natalie Soto owns Sweet As Love, which is located in California.