Has snacking time replaced the traditional dinner hour?

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When was the last time that you sat down for a traditional dinner? The work at home scenario has changed many life aspects, including how and what people eat. Without that more traditional schedule, the sitting down to a specific meal seems to have been replaced with another scheduled work event or another hour seemly lost to doomscrolling. Are people consumed by snacking time?

Recently, the DoorDash Bracket Bites snack report shared some interesting snacking food trends. While most people appreciate that food ordering convenience has taken over most people’s shopping habits in the past year, a few other discoveries might not be quite as beneficial.

Jessica Lachs, VP of Analytics at DoorDash, said, “Over the past year we’ve seen consumer snacking behavior evolve as people settled into new routines at home, discovering new snacking and convenience moments and experiences, big and small.”

According to the report, “56% of Americans report enjoying a “second dinner” by partaking in a late-night snack.” Whether that late night snack is hunger, boredom or something else, the reality is that late night cravings can be concerning. Even though grandma warned against eating too late at night, it seems that the food ordering convenience might have changed some people’s mindset.

Although people can debate the late night food eating, the reality is that snacking is an integral part of a person’s food habits. From celebrating with a favorite treat to consoling a bad day with a bowl of food happiness, people are looking to food to satiate their moods.

At the same time, certain snacking trends still apply. People crave salty, sugary and spicy. Although all three flavors might not occur in a single bite, the reality is that those flavors are and will continue to be on trend. Even the most recent new snacks from Lay’s and Tostitos exemplify that idea.

While the past year might have seen some changes in food and eating habits, the question remains will these trends persist or will another swing happen as people venture off the couch. Of course, snacking time will never completely disappear, but habits do take a while to change. Maybe all that grazing might be preferred to the traditional dinner hour.

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What food habits have you adapted over the past year? Do you think that snacking trends will change soon?