The Shirley Temple King Releases His First-Ever Shirley Temple Line

Shirley Temple-Main Event launch, Credit: Main Event Entertainment
Shirley Temple-Main Event launch, Credit: Main Event Entertainment /

A 7-year old now has his very own Shirley Temple line…now what exactly am I doing with my life? All jokes aside, the creator of this line is THE BEST person for the job, The Shirley Temple King (Leo Kelly)! I remember watching Leo’s video go viral and then a week later he appeared on Ellen with his career taking off in the beverage world.

Fast forward to one year later and Leo is taking his Shirley Temple expertise to the next level with his first-ever nationwide line of Shirley Temples at Main Event, a Dallas based entertainment venue, featuring bowling, laser tag, billiards, gravity ropes, zipline, VR and arcade games.

Leo, we’re expecting perfection from you! #LeoApproved. You know, Canada Dry, 3-4 ice cubes, exactly three cherries, etc. We know you won’t disappoint.

Leo’s Shirley Temple line starts at $2.99 and includes three variations

  • The Classic Shirley: You can never go wrong with a classic. This Shirley Temple features a blue, sugary rim, the perfect amount of cherries, ginger ale and Rose’s grenadine, resulting in the King-approved “perfect color”.
  • The Cotton Candy Shirley: This Shirley puts a spin on the classic Shirley with a choice of pink or blue cotton candy on top to add a delicious color combo to the drink. This will definitely be the most ordered at Main Event because what kid doesn’t want cotton candy at an arcade?
  • The Floaty Shirley: The title of this Shirley reminds me of a root beer. This Shirley includes a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top of the classic recipe, creating the perfect combo of bubbly and creamy.

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What makes The Shirley Temple King’s line different is that each drink is topped with a candy gummy cherry, unicorn candy bacon and three maraschino cherries (because the King noted in his segment with Ellen that he needs at least three).

Be sure to check out Leo’s Shirley Temple line next time your at one of Main Event’s 44 locations.