Carvel Crunchies show that ice cream for breakfast is extra tasty

Carvel Crunchies, photo provided by Carvel
Carvel Crunchies, photo provided by Carvel /

Does ice cream for breakfast seem too good to be true? Carvel Crunchies is the breakfast cereal that turns the foodie favorite part of Carvel ice cream cake into delectable treat on its own. Is this idea the latest cereal and ice cream trend to hit the bowl?

Did you ever get to eat ice cream for breakfast? Maybe grandma let you have whatever you wanted for your breakfast, especially on your birthday. Maybe, you’re an adult and prefer to skip all those food rules.

When it comes down to food rationales, what really is the caloric difference between a bowl of ice cream and that sugary coffee drink? It is like the debate between a cupcake and a muffin. Are the two foods really that different?

Are you ready to pour a bowl of Carvel Crunchies cereal?

Now, if this food idea seems too good to be true, the reality is that Carvel Crunchies are a food fantasy. But, the April Fools joke isn’t a complete fantasy. There is a way to get box of this special cereal.

Starting on April 16, the first 150 in-person and food delivery platform customers will get a box of these limited edition Crunchies Cereal. Guests will have to purchase Crunchies Dasher and the offer will be available at all participating locations.

And, if you don’t understand why some people are super excited about this idea, go enjoy a Carvel ice cream cake. Whether you order a Fudgy the Whale or another iconic Carvel Ice Cream cake, the Crunchies are the unique texture that makes its cakes so tasty. One bite and you will understand why this idea is so satisfying. More importantly, you will be a fan for life.

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Would you want Cravel Crunchies to be a reality? More importantly, are you having ice cream for breakfast today?