Will Starbucks be open on Easter 2021?

(Photo by Nathan Stirk/Getty Images)
(Photo by Nathan Stirk/Getty Images) /

Did the Easter bunny forget the latte with that Easter basket? Luckily, some Starbucks locations will be open on Easter 2021. Whether you are craving a latte, frappuccino or just a plain cup of coffee, a barista will be happy to serve you.

But, make sure to check with your local Starbucks location for hours. Since Easter 2021 is a holiday, the operating hours might vary. For example, the locations within Target stores will be closed. Still, there are some places where Starbucks will be waiting to serve guests.

Starbucks has had a big 2021 so far. With a focus on plant based menu items, the brand has embraced the food trend that seems to be everywhere right now. No longer are these items off-menu, they have prime space next to the other seasonal and favorite beverages.

The focus on these types of new menu items is smart for Starbucks. While many people will ooh and ahh at the sugary, colorful beverages, the better for you options have more staying power. That coffee routine brings guests back time and again.

In addition, flavor is king. Often, the plant-based food options can build layers of flavors that make it enjoyable. From the nuttiness of almond might to the heartiness of oat milk, the first sip won’t be the last.

Plus, there are many Starbucks beverage options that fall into the lower calorie spectrum. From a refreshing tea to a honey almond latte, these beverages won’t have guests running miles to work off that coffee craving.

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Whether you need a coffee to enjoy with that Easter candy or just an excuse to leave the kids who ate too much Easter candy, Starbucks is open on Easter and a barista will be ready for you.