Will Costco be open on Easter 2021?

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Did the dog eat the Easter ham? If you are wondering if will Costco be open on Easter 2021, you may not like the answer. If you didn’t buy extra food at the popular warehouse store, the family might have to head to McDonald’s. Unfortunately, Costco is closed on Easter 2021.

Recently, Costco decided to close its doors on many holidays. From Thanksgiving to Christmas, Costco is prioritizing giving their employees the day off for certain holidays. After the long, difficult past year, it could be nice to not have to worry about work for some employees.

Costco joins several other stores that will not be open for Easter 2021. For example, Sam’s Clubs will not be open on Easter, nor will Target. While a handful of stores will be open, many companies will not be open for business.

Since Costco is not open on Easter 2021, it might be a good idea to stock up on some Costco treats before the holiday. Many people find the company’s carrot cake to be a holiday treat. Even though the cake is huge, it will not last long in most homes. Whether it is the icing or the moist crumb, that cake is always a tasty choice.

Also, Costco usually has some great deals around a holiday. Whether is a big savings on that Easter ham, enough rolls to keep hungry teenagers happy or just that Easter basket that will make the kids smile, Costco always delivers.

Although some people might want the answer to will Costco be open on Easter 2021 to be different, it is not. Even if you do not celebrate Easter, this weekend could be a time reflect on the past year. Hopefully, Easter 2022 will be even sweeter.

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