Make your cocktails sparkle with gin, glorious gin

Gin and Tonic made with Empress 1908 Gin and Q Tonic. Photo by Becky Ellis for
Gin and Tonic made with Empress 1908 Gin and Q Tonic. Photo by Becky Ellis for /

If you haven’t had a gin and tonic lately, you are in for a treat. New flavors and colors of of this herbaceous spirit abound, just waiting to up your cocktail game, just in time for National Gin and Tonic Day – April 9, 2021.

Think pink! Try Beefeater Pink. It’s the vibrant new strawberry gin from Beefeater London. A delicious, easy to drink, with bright strawberry flavors,  made in London. How fun does a Pink and Tonic sound? Mix Beefeater Pink with tonic water and ice, garnish with fresh strawberry halves. Add some blood orange juice and orange bitters to make a Pink and Orange Tonic. If you are feeling spicy, mix up a Pink Peppercorn Rose with Beefeater Pink, peppercorn syrup, rosé wine, white grape juice and tonic water.

One of the prettiest gins is Empress 1908 It’s beautiful indigo hue comes from butterfly pea flower. When mixed with citrus or tonic, it magically turns color – from indigo to fuchsia, lavender, or light pink. On the Girl and Tonic website you will find a recipe for a gorgeous cocktail: Lavender Empress. It combines Empress 1908, lavender simple syrup, tonic water and a splash of grapefruit juice.

Browse your favorite liquor store to find rhubarb, raspberry, citrus and rose petal gins. Have fun mixing and matching colorful gins with flavorful tonics.

Now it’s time to mix. With so many tonic waters on the market, which one to choose? Q Mixers suggests adding their Elderflower Tonic Water to make a sweeter, more floral cocktail. Fever Tree makes a lovely lemon tonic that makes a delightful Sloe Gin and Lemon Tonic cocktail. Also try Fever Tree Cucumber Tonic Water in a Cucumber Garden Party cocktail. Cocktail recipes can be found on their website. With so many tonic flavors available on the market, don’t limit yourself to just one.

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Are you ready to try a glorious colorful cocktail with a mix of a fun new tonic on Gin and Tonic day?