See’s Candies is always a sweet holiday tradition

See's Candies, photo provided by Cristine Struble
See's Candies, photo provided by Cristine Struble /

For 100 years, See’s Candies has delighted candy lovers with its delicious treats. While some people might picture that classic I Love Lucy episode, the reality is that the iconic candy brand has been sweet part of many holiday traditions.

From Christmas to Easter to any special celebration, See’s Candies always delights. Since the brand still uses some of the iconic recipes from its founder, today’s taste is the same as the first nibble from those years ago.

While everyone has a favorite See’s Candies treat, a few items always stand out. Specifically at Easter, the Decorated Eggs are always a must have. From the Rocky Road to Chocolate Butter with Pecans, these treats are the perfect dessert. One chocolate egg can be sliced for many people to enjoy.

Of course, there are other chocolate eggs on the menu, too. From the marshmallow eggs to the chocolate butter eggs, everyone can find a favorite flavor. Don’t miss the dark chocolate peanut butter egg, which is new this year. That flavor is rich and totally satisfying.

Of course, the classic bonbons and other chocolates are dressed up for the holiday. Whether candy fans have a favorite flavor or want to try to something new, it can be hard to decide among all the options.

Is See’s Candies just about the chocolate?

While the bonbons and even toffee might draw candy lovers to See’s Candies, those treats aren’t the only items on the menu. The iconic lollipops cannot be missed. While the classic butterscotch is always a treat, the Café Latte is a must for coffee lovers. When that coffee craving hits, this sweet satisfies.

From the assorted packages to even the Little Pops without the sticks, these candies are the perfect anytime indulgence. These treats prove that you don’t have to be a kid to enjoy a lollipop.

Of course, there is peanut brittle, toffee and other treats, too. One item that can be overlooked are the fruit medallions. The chewy candies are full of fruit flavor. Along with classics like grape and cherry, the mango flavor is the star of the bag. Plus, try combining the lemon and cherry for a sweet and tart treat.

Whether See’s Candies is part of your candy memories or will become a new tradition, 100 years of deliciousness proves that the brand is meant to be savored. Don’t let another holiday pass without a taste.

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