DiGiorno Gluten Free Crust pizza is a reason to have another pizza night

DiGiorno Gluten Free Crust pizza photo provided by DiGiorno/NESTLE (Brian Wright, Incorporated).
DiGiorno Gluten Free Crust pizza photo provided by DiGiorno/NESTLE (Brian Wright, Incorporated). /

Craving pizza but don’t want delivery? DiGiorno Gluten Free Crust is the newest pizza offering that expands the options on the shelf. As the only certified gluten free pizza featuring a thick hand-tossed crust in the frozen aisle, the pizza brand builds on its iconic phrase, it’s not delivery, it’s DiGiorno.

Many families appreciate the convenience of frozen pizza. From the easy weeknight meal to the quick way to satisfy hungry children, many people always have a frozen pizza stocked on the shelf.

But, not all frozen pizzas are the same. While many people have a favorite brand, healthy eating and food lifestyle choices can narrow the scope.

What can people expect from DiGiorno Gluten Free Crust pizza?

According DiGiorno, the new Gluten Free Crust pizza will be available in two flavors. While the crust is gluten free, it is the classic hand-tossed pizza that people have come to love. Although it is unclear whether pizza lovers can visually tell or taste the difference, the reality is that this pizza crust fills a big gab in the frozen pizza aisle.

While many brands have focused incorporating vegetables into a crust for other healthy eating aspects, the reality is that gluten free options continue to be needed. When a brand that people trust focuses on this food option, it proves that gluten free is not just a food trend, it is a part of many people’s lifestyle.

DiGiorno continues to adapt to consumers’ wants as well as food trends. From the introduction of croissant crust pizza that almost has a breakfast like feel to stuffed crust varieties to even crispy pan crust, there is a pizza for every craving.

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The new DiGiorno Gluten Free Crust is available at Target and will arrive in other stores in the future. Check with the brand’s website for all its pizza options and retailers.

What do you think of the DiGiorno Gluten Free Crust option? Are you excited to do a taste test?