Christina Milian and BettyLab transform STEM learning into a sweet reward

Christina Milian partners with BettyLab, photo provided by Betty Crocker
Christina Milian partners with BettyLab, photo provided by Betty Crocker /

How did your mom entice you to learn fractions? If math and science are a struggle, Christina Milian and BettyLab, from Betty Crocker, have a sweet incentive to put that STEM knowledge to work. Ready to get baking?

It is often said that baking is a science. While savory cooks can throw a dash in here and a pinch in there, the same concept cannot be said to a baking recipe. Exact measurements, temperatures and a keen eye are critical to making that perfect dessert. If you have wondered why that cake fell, the cookie crumbled, or that brownie wasn’t perfectly chewy, it is all about the STEM of baking.

Recently, Christina Milian partnered with Betty Crocker’s BettyLab. Through a series of videos and activities, in conjunction with the Barbie Dream Gap Project, the idea is to showcase that those delectable treats from the home kitchen hold more than a tasty bite. There is plenty of learning in those sweet treats.

Check out this video from Christina Milian and BettyLab.

During a recent interview with Milian, she shared why this collaboration resonates with her. As a mom of a young daughter, she is always looking for ways to “build her [daughter’s] confidence every day.” She wants to instill in her daughter that “whatever she dreams is possible.”

Milian believes that these kitchen activities make the experience fun. Whether it is her and her daughter or the whole family, these baking activities are packed with STEM learning.

While she might not have originally recognized all the scientific aspects of baking, she appreciates the idea being “mini scientists.” At the end of the enjoyable baking activity, everyone “can pat themselves on the back and say job well done” while also learning some valuable knowledge. Yes, those tasty Barbie cakes can really be a science experiment.

Like many moms, Milian appreciates that the time in the kitchen with her family can be an opportunity to tell stories. In the more “fun” moment, kids can be more willing to share how their day went or reveal a few more tidbits about their lives. It feels less like “mom is prying into their lives.”

More importantly, Milian shared that this time with her family can be an opportunity to share stories about her childhood and traditions passed down from her mom. When the “distractions are turned off, the conversation flows.” From a favorite childhood memory to creating new traditions, that mixing bowl and oven hold more than just a tasty treat.

With this BettyLab partnership, Milian hopes that families appreciate the science behind that tasty treat. While the box of Betty Crocker always has the right measures to put baker the path to success, it is just the beginning. From learning why those molecules need to cool for a brownie to be chewy or appreciating the variables that change the result, everything is the sum of its parts.

At the same time, Milian believes that the BettyLab can spark kids’ imaginations. With a “strong foundation and a belief in themselves, anything is possible.” After all, making that delicious Barbie Cake, plate of cookies or any treat comes with a sense of accomplishment. Completing a task from start to finish deserves that moment of celebration.

In addition, that sense of accomplishment can open up the door to what is possible. It impacts all aspects of their lives. Everyone, regardless of age, can join in the BettyLab fun and embrace what is possible.

For Milian, she believes that baking can make people happy. While many people are happy to know that her beignet business, Beignet Box, is open again, the reality is that those homemade treats do bring smiles. From those desserts that she and her daughter crave to the delicate French pastries that her husband loves, the Milian family appreciates that food can be the connection that brings people together.

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Everyone can join the BettyLab and discover both the fun and function behind baking. It might not be learning by osmosis, but it will make you more aware of the science that is involved in every day life.