Simple solutions to common cake baking mistakes

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(Photo by Monica Schipper/Getty Images for Kimpton Hotel Eventi and Abercrombie & Fitch ) /

Stop making these common cake baking mistakes.

While cooking is an art, baking is a science. Although common cake baking mistakes are many, a few tweaks to the cooking techniques can be a simple solution. It is time to put those baking fails to rest.

As the sweet aroma wafts from the oven, the anticipation for that delicious cake can make anyone’s mouth water. When the timer sounds, the oven door opens to that baking masterpiece. Unfortunately, the reveal isn’t always as picture perfect as many bakers had hoped.

The cake disappointment leads to many bakers questioning, what did I do wrong? From a cake that has shrunk to dry to just under-cooked, the common cake baking mistakes are many. Luckily, better cooking techniques can change that outcome. It might not earn you a spot on the next Food Network baking competition, but it will produce a better cake.

Usually, the most common baking mistakes can be the cake sinking in the middle, being too dense, falling apart and several more. Since baking needs to be precise, each element of the cooking process needs to be on point. From the oven temperature to properly measuring all the ingredients.

Here are a few ideas to fix some common cake baking mistakes.

Cake sank

After coming out of the oven, a sunken cake can deflate the excitement. One of the reasons why this happens is that you opened the oven door too early. If all the other ingredients are correct, try to resist the temptation to open the door early.

Cake did not rise

When a cake does not rise, it can be a few factors. First, make sure that you did use the right amount of a raising agent. Also, if you over whisked the batter, the cake will not rise properly. Lastly, if the oven isn’t hot enough, it will not rise.

Crumbly cake

A perfectly moist cake is the goal, but sometimes the texture is too crumbly. If this situation happens, it can be two causes. One, you might have used too much flour in the recipe. Or, you didn’t use enough eggs (egg size matters).

Shrunken cake

While the cake came out of the oven perfect, a few minutes later the cake seems to have lost its size. A shrunken cake can happen if the batter is too cold when it goes into the oven. Make sure that the batter temperature is correct (just like the oven temperature).

Greasy cake

If your cake has a greasy sheen, the butter is the culprit. While a good baking butter is important, using that butter correctly is key, too. Room temperature butter that is well mixed into the batter is key to avoiding this mistake.

Dense cake

The reason why a cake is dense comes down to the mixing. Either over-mixing or under-mixing can make a cake dense. The right amount of air in a batter is key to ensuring the right texture.

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These are just a few of the common cake baking mistakes and some solutions. Even if a cake isn’t visually perfect, it can still be tasty. With a little decoration, those mistakes can be hidden.

What are some of your best baking tips? How have you fixed some baking mistakes?