Kogi Plant-Based Dog is definitely a home run for Roy Choi

Home Run’ Plant-Based Kogi Dog, photo provided by Field Roast
Home Run’ Plant-Based Kogi Dog, photo provided by Field Roast /

When Roy Choi adds a food to his Kogi BBQ Truck foodies take notice. The new Kogi Plant-Based Dog in collaboration with Field Roast showcases that a plant-based dog scores with huge flavor. Who is ready to experience Make Taste Happen?

While plant-based food might have seemed like a food trend years ago, the reality is that is has evolved. Beyond the idea of healthy eating, flexitarian lifestyles or other concepts, people are drawn to many products because they are flavorful. It has become a conscious choice in their food world.

Field Roast has looked to set itself apart in the plant-based food world. From innovative products to creative collaborations, the focus has been on bringing great tasting food to the table.

How did Roy Choi create the Kogi Plant-Based Dog?

Many people based in and around Los Angles seek the delicious food from the Kogi food trucks and appreciate the Choi’s “Kogi Por Vida” philosophy. While each new offering stays true to the brand’s roots, Choi is always looking to push the conversation forward.

For the Kogi Plant-Based Dog, the menu item features the new Field Roast Signature Stadium Dog. The double smoked dog has a hearty, nuanced flavor from the maple. The flavors meld well with a variety of toppings.

On Choi’s offering, the Signature Stadium dog is “topped with Choi’s signature Kogi slaw, cilantro-onion lime relish, salsas roja, verde and naranja, roasted sesame seeds, smothered with melted Chao Creamery dairy-free cheese.” Served in a toasted bun, this menu item proves that big, bold flavor can entice anyone to enjoy a plant-based food option.

Choi said, “What Field Roast and I have accomplished together with the Kogi Plant-Based Dog is special to me because it takes an iconic menu item that’s representative of America, the ballpark, and the streets—then turns it up to ‘eleven’ for anyone who wants to try it. I’m really proud of how it came out.”

More importantly, it pushes the plant-based food conversation forward. Choi explained, “I’ve always been driven by making different flavors and foods accessible to as many people as possible, so when I was frequently getting asked about plant-based alternatives for my truck’s menu offerings beyond just tofu, I knew it was time to bring something new to the table.”

Now, plant-based food offerings aren’t the one-off menu option. It is front and center and sometimes the most creative, flavorful choice.

The Kogi Plant-Based Dog is available at Kogi Truck. The Field Roast Signature Stadium Dog is rolling out at retailers now.

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Are you ready to make taste happen? What would you serve with the Field Roast Signature Stadium Dog?