Cinnamon Bun Thomas’ English Muffins transform any meal into sweetness

Thomas' Cinnamon Bun English Muffins, photo provided by Thomas
Thomas' Cinnamon Bun English Muffins, photo provided by Thomas /

Can the aroma of Cinnamon Bun Thomas’ English Muffins draw you out of bed? Mornings are always tastier with those iconic nooks and crannies. The newest, limited edition flavor, Cinnamon Bun, is here. What deliciousness will be coming from the toaster?

For many people Thomas’ English Muffins are part of their morning routine. As the toaster crisps the bread, the nooks and crannies are ready to capture all those toppings. After that first bite, the day just seems to be better.

Periodically, Thomas’ Breads offers special limited edition flavors. While the classic plain and cinnamon raisin are always top choices, the different flavors make consumers buy an extra box. That craving has to be satisfied before it is gone.

What does Cinnamon Bun Thomas’ English Muffins taste like?

Thomas’ Bread describes the new Cinnamon Bun flavor as taking that cinnamon bun sweet yet slightly spicy goodness and putting into its classic food. During a sneak peek taste test, the first item to notice is the aroma. That cinnamon aroma might have you standing in front of the toaster waiting for that bing to say it’s done.

The flavor is just what people expect. Slightly sweet yet a little warm and spicy. It is reminiscent of a cinnamon bun, but without all the icing.

While many people will enjoy these English Muffins at breakfast, the flavor lends itself to other options. One great choice is to pair it with a little brie and a sliced apple. The combination of richness from the cheese and tartness from the apple is delicious.

Also, don’t forget to celebrate all the English Muffin flavors on National English Muffin Day with Thomas’ Breads. If you are willing to answer the question, “do you want something salty or sweet? Those Split Decisions recipes can earn people prizes.

The Cinnamon Bun Thomas’ English Muffins arrive on store shelves April 12 for a limited time.

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What is your favorite Thomas’ English Muffin flavor? Are you excited to try this new Cinnamon Bun Flavor?