HARIBO Funtastic Mix innovates with form and flavor

HARIBO Funtastic Mix, photo provided by HARIBO
HARIBO Funtastic Mix, photo provided by HARIBO /

While everyone loves HARIBO Goldbears, the new HARIBO Funtastic Mix brings together more than 15 shapes and eight sweet flavors in the new candy offering. Whether you pick out one flavor and shape at a time or let the mix determine the flavor fate, this bag of delicious gummi candy will be gone before you know it.

For over 100 years, HARIBO has been a favorite gummi candy. Even though that green bear might not instantly convey that special fruit flavor, the reality is that this candy is always a treat.

While the Goldbears might be the iconic symbol of the brand, it isn’t the only gummi treat that the brand offers. There are over 20 candy options from the brand. From seasonal treats, like the Scaremix to the flavor trends like watermelon, the reality is that this candy company is always looking to mix the sweet and the fun.

What’s in the HARIBO Funtastic Mix?

The newest offering continues the brands’ commitment to innovative flavors and forms. Rick LaBerge, Chief Operating Officer, HARIBO of America, said “Coming off the heels of our 100th birthday, we’re excited to bring U.S. consumers a new treat that’s been inspired by global favorites and offers a fun mix of unique characters and flavor combinations.”

Haribo Funtastic Mix
HARIBO Funtastic Mix, photo provided by HARIBO /

In the new Funtastic Mix, there are 15 different shapes. The combination of flavors and shapes is a first for the brand. Included in the mix are a few new characters as well as favorite shapes. From dinosaurs to flamingos and robots to planes, the mix adds whimsy to the candy eating experience.

The flavors included in this candy mix are quite interesting. According to HARIBO, the flavors are “Orange (orange), Blueberry (violet), Pineapple (white), Lemon (yellow), Black Currant (blue), Strawberry (pink), Apple (green) and Raspberry (red).” While the color/flavor combinations seem reasonable, they are not the usual combinations from the candy brand. For example, green is apple.

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The HARIBO Funtastic Mix is available in various sized bags. The candy can be found at various stores including Walmart, CVS, Target, and Walgreens.

What is your favorite gummi candy? Do you specifically pick each candy or eat by the handful?