Has online grocery shopping changed the Sunday shop?

Elsa Romero shops for food at a supermarket March 16 in Miami.Elsa Florida 008
Elsa Romero shops for food at a supermarket March 16 in Miami.Elsa Florida 008 /

Many food and shopping habits have changed in the past year. With online grocery shopping convenience, that Sunday shop routine has changed. How has flexibility impacted food buying patterns?

Prior to a year ago, the Sunday shop was part of many people’s routines. That one day of shopping helped to stockpile the food for the week. From replenishing food staples to planning meals for the family, those few hours devoted to the Sunday shop was built into the calendar. But, the past year change that pattern.

Recently, Instacart shared some insightful data about food shopping habits over the past year. While many people turned to online shopping as a necessity, the reality is that the convenience kept people coming back.

Laurentia Romaniuk, Instacart’s Trend Expert and Senior Product Manager said, “Online grocery fits seamlessly into the more flexible schedules that the world is moving toward after a collective awakening to the benefits of remote work.” The idea that grocery delivery can fit into various times because people have more availability makes it a top choice. No longer having to find that time in between work, school, and family activities is a huge benefit.

Since many people believe that flexibility work schedules will still be part of the norm, the online grocery shopping will continue to be part of the common collective. Romaniuk continued to comment, “Given the trends we’re seeing, we expect many consumers to stick with their new mid-week grocery delivery routines, now that they’ve experienced the flexibility that online platforms like Instacart give them to build and maintain shopping lists throughout the week and easily place an order in between meetings and personal time, to be delivered in as fast as two hours.”

What online grocery shopping trends will continue in 2021?

In the past year, many food trends took a turn that most people could not have predicted. From baking trends to the all encompassing sourdough bread situation, no one would have originally expected all that time in the home kitchen. Still, the reality is that some of these ideas will continue this year.

As people look to have holiday do-overs, that Mother’s Day brunch or Fourth of July barbecue celebration could be bigger than ever. Maybe all that food knowledge and improved cooking techniques only expands the desire for online shopping.

Now, as home cooks find that delicious recipe to try, they can get that online grocery delivery in a matter of hours. It might be better than takeout. Almost any craving can be satisfied.

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Is the Sunday shop gone forever? Maybe not, but online grocery shopping is here to stay.