Tropical Chamoy Michelada by Estrella Jalisco highlights that undefined flavor

Tropical Chamoy Michelada by Jalisco Estrella, photo provided by Jalisco Estrella
Tropical Chamoy Michelada by Jalisco Estrella, photo provided by Jalisco Estrella /

The traditional michelada will be passed over for the new Tropical Chamoy Michelada by Estrella Jalisco. While many people are familiar with the traditional Mexican lager, Estrella Jalisco, this new offering combines tradition and flavor in a single can. Even if you don’t know the word chamoy, you will want to keep sipping till you define it.

Recently, the michelada has been a big beverage trend. Basically, a combination of clamato (or sometimes tomato juice) and lager makes for a light, refreshing beverage on a hot day. While some drinkers prefer a little added spice in the mix, it is quite drinkable and usually has a lower ABV.

Estrella Jalisco has a variety of flavored micheladas in its lineup. Many people have found the mango option to be their favorite. With the newest addition to the line-up, some people might be changing their preferred libation.

What is Tropical Chamoy Michelada?

For people familiar with Mexican culture and food, chamoy is a known commodity. While the fruit cannot be defined, the flavor packs a punch.

So, what is chamoy? The reality is that there is no definition. The word isn’t in the dictionary, really.

While Estrella Jalisco is petitioning to remedy that food wrong, people need to understand that flavor. It is a combination of sweet, sour, salty and spicy. Some people put it on candy or others use it on the rim of the glass. It is a complex, nuanced flavor that deserves to be part of the food conversation.

Tropical Chamoy Michelada
Tropical Chamoy Michelada photo provided by Jalisco Estrella /

In the new Tropical Chamoy Michelada, the beverage hits all the flavor notes. Combining the lager, clamato, chamoy and a touch of pineapple, the taste has layers. One moment there is a touch of sweetness then it evolves to a slight heat. Each sip leads you back to take another one. Before you know it, the can is empty.

Thinking about this beverage, it would be delightful with some grilled fish or even some roasted chicken. The complexity of the beverage needs to stand on its own and it doesn’t need to compete with other bold flavors.

At the same time, it can be that beverage to enjoy on a leisurely afternoon. It is light and refreshing. Maybe it could get someone to put down that hard seltzer for a change.

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The Tropical Chamoy Michelada is available now. It is sold in 25 oz cans and has a 3.5% ABV.

How do you define Chamoy? Have you embraced the Michelada trend?