Panera wants you to cool the planet down and get moving for Earth Day

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While Panera has always pushed the food conversation forward, this restaurant brand is taking a different approach this Earth Day. Over the past year, many people have learned to appreciate their impact on the environment. Can your food choices help to cool down the planet? Are you ready to get moving for Earth Day?

Panera believes that simple changes can make a big impact. When the restaurant brand announced its Cool Food Meals, it showed guests that climate-friendly, low carbon meals are a conscious choice. Some of the brand’s popular food choices are part of this initiative. As the first restaurant brand to adopt the World Resources Institute’s Cool Food Meals certification, the company believes that helping the planet is tasty and easy.

To bring this conversation to the table for Earth Day, Panera is offering 50% off soup. Did you know that every Panera soup is a Cool Food Meal? To celebrate that fact, the code COOLFOOD50 will give guests 50% off a soup purchase.

Panera shared the following fact. “On Earth Day, if every Panera customer ordered a Cool Food Meal, it would reduce greenhouse gas emissions equivalent of taking more than 1,100 passenger vehicles off the road for one year, when compared to the average American diet.”

Ready to get moving with Panera for Earth Day?

Did you buy a bike in the past year? If you did or wanted to buy a bike, you weren’t alone. Many people used a bike as their way to be outside, a transportation alternative or just wanted to get moving. With the surge in popularity, bikes are in high demand and in short supply.

The Bread Bowl Bike is the tastiest mode of transportation. While you do have to bring your own bread, the bike does come with a bread bowl basket. Not only is riding around on this bike good for the rider, it is good for the planet. It is a win for everyone.

And, if you want to win one of these bikes, Panera is giving away some of these special bites. Now, through Earth Day, people can visit for a chance to win.

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Ready to do something good for yourself and the planet. Join Panera this Earth Day to make a difference.