Hell’s Kitchen Season 20 premiere date announced

Hell's Kitchen Season 20 premiere date announced, photo provided by FOX
Hell's Kitchen Season 20 premiere date announced, photo provided by FOX /

Ready for Hell’s Kitchen Season 20? As Hell’s Kitchen Season 19 nears the finale, Season 20 is ready to heat up the summer. FOX just announced the premiere date and the theme. Could this new season be the toughest ever for Gordon Ramsay?

According to FOX, the Hell’s Kitchen Season 20 premiere is set for Monday, May 31st at 8 p.m. EST. This move to Monday night means that the week begins with a bang. Wonder how Chef Ramsay feels about Mondays? This new season could be a dose of Monday motivation.

As for the theme for the Season 20, these chefs might test the patience of the well seasoned chef. Has Chef Ramsay finally met his match with these young guns? OK Boomer is not a phrase for Hell’s Kitchen.

Check out this preview for Hell’s Kitchen Season 20, Young Guns.

Looking at this preview clip, it is clear that Chef Ramsay has his work cut out for him in the new season. While MasterChef Junior might be all fun and games, Hell’s Kitchen is not about play time. Are these less experienced chefs up to the challenge?

Although age might be just a number to sum, experience in the kitchen is important. Knowing culinary techniques and how to work in a kitchen brigade are essential to impressing Chef Ramsay. Hopefully, these chefs are willing to put in the work.

Thinking about this theme for the new season, it is an interesting approach for the popular culinary competition. While foodies are always looking for the next food trend or hot item, sometimes that fearlessness which younger chefs offer can be a good thing. Just like the kids on MasterChef, being willing to push the tradition culinary rules can result in some kitchen creativity.

At the same time, it is always important to respect your elders. If anyone talks back or goes against Chef Ramsay, their time in Hell’s Kitchen might be cut short. Chefs have to earn that ego in the kitchen. It is a privilege that comes with experience.

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Don’t miss the Hell’s Kitchen Season 20 premiere on Monday, May 31. It looks like the summer of Gordon is back again.