Le Creuset knocks it out of the park with MLB Dutch Ovens

Le Creuset MLB Dutch Ovens, photo provided by Le Creuset
Le Creuset MLB Dutch Ovens, photo provided by Le Creuset /

Forget the peanuts and Cracker Jack, the Le Creuset MLB Dutch Ovens Signature Series are a home run for baseball fans and foodies. The new licensing agreement launches with a limited-edition capsule collection. Featuring several iconic baseball teams, these MLB Dutch Ovens will become a must have.

The special limited edition series features four teams, Boston Red Sox, Chicago Cubs, Los Angeles Dodgers and New York Yankees. From the most ardent fan to the foodie, these stunningly crafted pieces will become the centerpiece of both game day and every day.

Christopher Scinto, VP of Marketing for Le Creuset, believes that the Limited-Edition Signature Series is a lovely example of the brand’s connection of “cooking and kitchen style.” Specifically Scinto said, “The undying commitment MLB fans have for their teams is akin to Le Creuset’s passion for food and design. This new collection eaves together two loyal fanbases and allows for the celebration of team spirit from the kitchen to the ballpark.”

Looking these designs, the appearance is stunning. The stainless-steel knob features each team’s logo. The colors connect to the vibrancy associated with each team.

MLB Dutch Ovens from Le Creuset
Le Creuset New York Yankees Dutch Oven, photo provided bt Le Creuset /

This new collaboration shows that food and sports are always connected. Beyond the food at a tailgate or a special event, loyal team supporters are always looking for ways to showcase their fan connection. For many people, that support of a favorite team isn’t limited to a few months of a season, it is an every day statement.

For this launch, the collection will feature the 7.5 QT Dutch Oven. This item is probably one of the most versatile kitchen essentials. From braising to soups and almost anything in between, it can go from cooking to table. In addition, it can be a workhorse in the kitchen.

With this Dutch Oven capsule collection, it seems likely that the offering will sell out quickly. Williams Sonoma is selling them for $450 starting today.  It seems likely that the launch will be an instant success.

While Le Creuset often tells a color story, this MLB collaboration seems to show the brand’s expansion into more cultural connections. As seen with previous offerings, like Star Wars and Disney, many cooks want to blend their fandom and the food passions. It seems that Le Creuset is ready to help them.

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The limited edition, Le Creuset MLB Dutch Oven capsule collection will be available in stores, including Williams Sonoma, and online.

Would you like to see the brand expand to other teams? Could an NFL or NBA collaboration be next?