Curtis Stone and Wolferman’s Bakery create tasty English Muffin recipes

Wolferman’s Bakery® and Curtis Stone Collaborate to Celebrate National English Muffin Day. Photo provided by Wolferman's Bakery
Wolferman’s Bakery® and Curtis Stone Collaborate to Celebrate National English Muffin Day. Photo provided by Wolferman's Bakery /

While a spot of jam or butter is tasty these English Muffin recipes from Curtis Stone and Wolferman’s Bakery will bring your breakfast to a whole new level. Even though Stone might be a Michelin Star chef, these recipes are achievable by any home cook. By layering flavors and textures, these recipes will make you the celebrity chef at the table.

Everyone has a favorite breakfast. For some it might be a bowl of cereal but for others, the food memories take a different form. Personally, growing up with my Irish grandmother meant Sunday breakfasts were spent with a pot of tea, an English muffin and some strawberry jam. It might have not been a gigantic brunch, but those conversations around the table are still fresh in my mind.

With National English Muffin Day approaching, the food holiday brings those memories surging back. From the ding of the toaster to the crispness of that first bite, there is a story that unfolds each time.

For this year’s celebration, Wolferman’s Bakery, the Harry & David Brand, which is part of has partnered with celebrated chef Curtis Stone to encourage everyone to find their bite of deliciousness around the classic English muffin. From new recipes to classic dishes, hopefully that first bite continues a food tradition for a long time.

Stone said, “English muffins have always reminded me of my childhood, as they were a breakfast must-have in my home growing up in Australia. I can’t wait for people to create the recipes I developed from the comfort of their own home.”

Check out these English Muffin recipes from Curtis Stone and Wolferman’s

As Stone shared, he created delicious and creative ways to enjoy a classic English Muffin. In some ways, these recipes bring together the best of grandma’s traditions with newer flavor profiles. It is definitely a taste of both worlds.

English muffin recipes
Award-Winning Chef Curtis Stone Debuts Three New Recipes for Wolferman’s Bakery® Photo provided by Wolferman’s Bakery /

The three recipes include:

Mini Brekkie Sandies

While the brekkie might be fun to say, this hearty breakfast will keep everyone fueled till lunch. The mini breakfast sandwich gets a big boost of flavor from a sriracha mayo. The combination of bold flavors and the classic Sourdough is a must try.

Mini Citrus Bostock Bites

Although orange juice might be a common breakfast beverage, this recipe brings the bright and refreshing citrus flavors and transforms them in a new way. Even if you have never had almond frangipane, you will want to try this recipe.

Gwen Smashed Avocado Toast

Who doesn’t love a great avocado toast? That food trend is still going strong. With this recipe, the soft-boiled eggs and shaved radishes turn it into a dish that even the tough guy in your house will want to enjoy. Plus, isn’t everything better with bacon?

These English Muffin recipes are just a few of many food ideas that can be created with Wolferman’s Bakery items. From the first bite to the last crumb, it is time to explore a new breakfast tradition.

And April 19 through April 26, Wolferman’s will be offering 10% off select items with the code MUFFIN. More information can be found online.

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What will you cook up in the kitchen? Why not have English Muffin Day celebration turn into a weekly breakfast tradition.