Hell’s Kitchen season 19 finale chefs revealed in a surprising twist

HELL'S KITCHEN: L-R: Contestant Declan and chef/host Gordon Ramsay with contestants Mary Lou and Kori in the “What Happens in Vegas” episode of HELL'S KITCHEN airing Thursday, April 15 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. CR: Scott Kirkland / FOX. © 2021 FOX MEDIA LLC.
HELL'S KITCHEN: L-R: Contestant Declan and chef/host Gordon Ramsay with contestants Mary Lou and Kori in the “What Happens in Vegas” episode of HELL'S KITCHEN airing Thursday, April 15 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. CR: Scott Kirkland / FOX. © 2021 FOX MEDIA LLC. /

The Hell’s Kitchen season 19 finale chefs rose to the occasion and earned the opportunity to become the next Hell’s Kitchen winner. While all three chefs had proven their cooking skills and creativity throughout Season 19, one chef came up just short. Did that pair of aces prove unlucky?

As seen in the previous episode, Gordon Ramsay told Declan, Kori and Mary Lou that all three chefs had one more opportunity to earn their spot in the finale. Although it seemed that Mary Lou had momentum going into this next challenge, the reality is that nothing is predictable in Hell’s Kitchen. Or is it?

For this challenge, to earn a spot in the Hell’s Kitchen Season 19 finale, the chefs had to create a five course meal. Although each course had to highlight a particular ingredient, the food needed to show not only the chef’s personality and point of view, but also each dish needed to be well executed.

With the two Hell’s Kitchen mentors and another previous Hell’s Kitchen winner as their partner, the chefs planned their menus. Still, Chef Ramsay would provide feedback. It might be the chefs’ vision, but the final say always goes to Gordon Ramsay.

As the chefs were called to his office, another surprise was in store. Each chef got to see their family. While this part of the episode was meant as a boost, it was emotional, especially for Kori. More importantly, it gives more insight into the chefs and their determination. Sometimes sacrifice can make a chef hungrier.


Before their final cook, the chefs receive a few more surprises. After a meal with Chef Ramsay, the chefs  are surprised with the fact that they must cook their five course meal immediately. As the crowd cheers, the chefs realize that they must always be ready to go. Nothing is ever as it seems in Hell’s Kitchen.

Does the Hell’s Kitchen Season 19 finale continue a pattern?

With celebrity chefs as guest judges, Declan, Kori and Mary Lou might had a difficult task. It is one thing to impress a chef who they know, and it is another scenario to impress an unknown palate.

Still, Gordon Ramsay is guiding them through the cook. With his advice in the outdoor kitchen, comments like telling Declan don’t over salt things, the chefs better listen. In addition, their sous chefs are guiding them with each dish. Since each of those former Hell’s Kitchen chefs appreciate the gravity of the scenario, they know that every bite needs to be perfect.

Each course will receive a score from 1-10. The two chefs with the highest score will earn a spot in the Hell’s Kitchen Season 19 finale. Did you know that the past several Hell’s Kitchen winners were women? Would that pattern continue?

Although each course was judged on its own merits, the reality is that the meal needed to show a progression. The celebrity chefs appreciate that subtle differences and build of the meal.

For the first course, both Mary Lou and Kori start with a strong choice. The fruit forward salads are light, bright and open the palate. Although Declan’s dish shows a lot of technique, his use of a gel was a mistake. Mary Lou and Kori surge ahead.

In the second course, Kori probably should have skipped a risotto and the same could be said for Declan’s polenta cake. Although those dishes have a high difficulty level, the execution needs to be on point.

For this course, Mary Lou surges ahead with another perfect score. Her shrimp and grits featured refreshing spices. More importantly, her shrimp were perfectly cooked.


Moving onto the seafood course, the chefs better remember all that time on the fish station. While Declan’s choice to reinvent fish and chips was intriguing, Mary Lou and Kori presented dishes that seemed to show more of their personality. For example, Kori’s Chilean Sea Bass with chimichurri showcased a flavor that is her on a plate.

With Declan falling behind, it was his time to prove that he was here to stay. For the chicken course, his aggressively seasoned chicken earned high praises. Maybe the Irishman really did have a pair of aces up his sleeve and luck was about to run out for the ladies.

Going into the final course, the Hell’s Kitchen Season 19 finale was up for grabs. With just a few points separating the chefs, that last bite would hold their fate. As Wolfgang Puck tasted the dishes, it would come down to execution.

Each beef dish was quite different and executed well. Comparing Kori’s bourbon demi to Mary Lou’s ancho chili rub to Declan’s morel cream sauce, it seemed that bolder flavors impressed Chef Puck.

As the finale scores were revealed, Mary Lou and Kori has the exact same final score and Declan came up just short. Unfortunately, the luck of the Irish was not smiling on Big D.

Which chefs return for the Hell’s Kitchen Season 19 finale?

Since a head chef is only as good as her kitchen brigade, Mary Lou and Kori had to pick their team. Choosing which eliminated chef would help earn them the title is a difficult task. Not only are they managing personalities but they are wanting the best chefs possible.

With Mary Lou picking first, some of her choices were obvious, like picking Cody. Mary Lou’s team consists of Cody, Amber, Niki, and Lauren. Although this team is strong, a few chefs could be a weak link. How the group will work together remains to be seen.

On Kori’s brigade, she has Declan, Adam, Jordan, and Marc. Having Marc and Declan back in the same kitchen might spell trouble, but hopefully the two chefs appreciate the importance of putting their differences aside.


Truthfully, all of these chefs should be willing to drive their leader to victory. Would you want to show Gordon Ramsay that you are willing to sabotage another chef’s chances of winning the Hell’s Kitchen title? That idea could spell disaster for a chef.

No matter who wins, a woman will be crowned the winner in Hell’s Kitchen Season 19. Each chef is worthy of the title. Still, only one door will open and one chef’s life will change forever.

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Who do you think will win Hell’s Kitchen Season 19? Which chef has been your favorite this season?