Bushwick Kitchen pancake mix elevates the breakfast experience, again

Bushwick Kitchen pancake mix, photo provided by Bushwick Kitchen,
Bushwick Kitchen pancake mix, photo provided by Bushwick Kitchen, /

While many people love the brand’s spicy honey and flavorful maple syrup, Bushwick Kitchen pancake and waffle mix takes the breakfast conversation in a new direction. With this plant-based pancake mix, tasty pancakes and waffles can be on everyone’s plate.

For many people, pancakes and waffles are a breakfast favorite, but not all mixes are the same. Even with the plant-based label, the differences in flavors and textures can turn that flapjack conversation into a confusing stack of ingredients.

Since many people are drawn to the delicious maple syrups and honey offerings from Bushwick Kitchen, it makes sense that the brand would expand its product line into pancake and waffle mix. Why search elsewhere, when a product that consumers trust offers one stop shopping.

What can you expect from Bushwick Kitchen pancake and waffle mix?

Available in two flavors, Original Oat Milk Pancake and Waffle Mix and Cinnamon Oat Pancake and Waffle Mix, these two options open a variety of recipe possibilities beyond just the breakfast staple. Still, the pancakes and waffles do stand out. Both have a light, fluffy texture yet have those crisp edges.

If you love the Bushwick Butter Maple syrup, try pairing that item with some Cinnamon Oat waffles and apple slices. The buttery notes from the maple syrup, the warmth from the cinnamon and the tartness from the apples makes for a perfect bite. Truthfully, if you caramelize the apples and add some ice cream, it could be a tasty dessert.

One interesting aspect to both of these mixes is that ability to make just a small portion. Unlike other mixes that require large portions, a two-serving size method is available on the box. Now, that pancake craving can be satisfied on a Tuesday instead of that large weekend batch.

What else can you make with the Bushwick Kitchen Pancake and Waffle Mix?

Although the box is labeled pancake and waffle mix, this Bushwick Kitchen offering isn’t limited to those two items. Granted, a pancake or a waffle can take a savory turn, but the mix can use used as a biscuit, a cinnamon roll or even a muffin. While it does take a little experimentation, the versatility of this mix makes it a pantry staple.

Made with whole grains and oat milk, it opens the possibilities of more plant-based recipes on the table. Even people who aren’t following a particular healthy eating approach will be drawn to this option because of the versatility and flavor.

The Bushwick Kitchen Pancake and Waffle Mix, available in Original and Cinnamon, can be purchased at Walmart and online. Additional products from the brand, like its various honey and maple syrup offerings, are available, too.

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What do you think about this new offering from Bushwick Kitchen? Are you excited to try it?