Americans Miss Commuting, Jamba Introduces Handwich

New Jamba breakfast offering, photo provided by Jamba
New Jamba breakfast offering, photo provided by Jamba /

How many of you miss commuting to work? Definitely not me. Do not miss the LIRR or the Subway at all. Interestingly enough, as seen in a “recent survey conducted by Jamba, 3 in 4 Americans can’t wait to get back to their daily commute, and 64% say they used to take aspects of their pre-pandemic morning routine for granted including,” being able to grab breakfast before heading into the office.

Using that insight, Jamba is now introducing NEW fuel-good food, Handwiches, perfect for any commute, whether you’re getting back in the car or even walking from your bed to your home office. Probably won’t suggest this for train commuters just yet, you know, because of the whole permanent mask situation.

What exactly is a Handwich? 

If you’re looking for a dictionary definition then Jamba has that outlined already.

According to Jamba’s website, this menu item is a “handheld take on the classic breakfast sandwich designed to pack flavor and crave into a small, neat package that fits in one hand and stays together for eating on-the-go.”

A snack you can wrap in your hands? These might be the perfect bite size morning snack!

The Handwich Offerings 

Now that you know what a Handwich is, you’re probably wondering what is actually in them.

First up, the IMPOSSIBLE Handwich. Yes, you read that right to all the vegetarians outs there and you too, meat lovers who also love Impossible Burgers.

The IMPOSSIBLE Handwich includes a “plant based sausage topped with melty white cheddar cheese, all on a toasted sprouted grain bun.” Coming in at 220 calories and 12 grams of protein for $3.79.

The second handwich is a classic sausage, egg and cheese. The five layer handwich includes “sausage made with all-natural pork, egg, and melty white cheddar cheese, also on a toasted sprouted grain bun.” This handwich is 320 calories at an SRP of $3.49.

And lastly, Jamba is now offering a Spring Veggie Egg Bake, which personally sounds like the best option and not only because it’s under 200 calories, but because it’s a “light egg filled with red bell peppers, spring leeks, and artichoke hearts.”

Of course, Jamba is known for their delicious smoothies and juices and the company recently launched its Electric Berry Lemonade Smoothie, which would be a refreshing pairing to these handwiches.

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Are you excited to get back to your morning routine or are you loving the working from home life?