Joel McHale reveals Casey’s Cheesy Breadsticks are tasty, and that’s no joke

Casey's Cheese Bread, photo provided by Casey's
Casey's Cheese Bread, photo provided by Casey's /

When people think of Joel McHale, the quick witted, engaging entertainer seems never to be at a loss for words. Whether you instantly get the joke or it takes a moment to decipher the humor, there is that moment when you feel in the know, have been let into the secret or are part of the “it” crowd. If you haven’t discovered Casey’s Cheesy Breadsticks, McHale is ready to bestow his wisdom on why these cheesy bites are worth seeking out.

Many people who live in and around the Midwest appreciate that Casey’s General Store has some of the best pizza. While that pizza might be a Friday night tradition, the fresh, in-store made pizza always delivers on big flavor. Even McHale cannot find a “Talk Soup” joke in that statement.

Since Casey’s always looks to keep its pizza conversation going, the new Cheesy Breadsticks are just what fans would expect from popular pizza brand. The fresh, made from scratch dough is just like that pizza that everyone loves.

Then that iconic dough is covered with real, whole milk mozzarella. The gooey, tasty cheese makes each bite a mouthful. And, the savory garlic sauce brings all the flavors together. With this one bite, you might want just Cheesy Breadsticks for dinner.

What does Joel McHale say about Casey’s Cheesy Breadsticks?

Recently, Joel McHale partnered with Casey to promote the new Cheesy Breadsticks. Although many people enjoy seeing his various projects, like the new Crime Scene Kitchen on FOX, McHale appreciates that he is fortunate. While he has be able to do what he loves, sometimes a project happens that it is the perfect fit.

Although his reasoning for choosing projects vary, McHale said, “something like this comes up and I say yes because I love food and I love good food.” For him, the connection is real because “Casey’s is near and dear to my heart cause my family lives throughout the Midwest.”

In true McHale fashion, his explanation on pizza is a slice to savor. McHale said, “I think it’s such an interesting evolution that pizza is made from Italy to, you know its ubiquitous in America and I think Casey’s makes a very high-quality product and I think people should know that.”

Anyone who has enjoy Casey’s pizza appreciates that good ingredients make a difference. McHale shares that “made from scratch at the facility” component at Casey’s is different than other eateries. And with this new offering, “the cheesy breadsticks, they are really great and you know mozzarella and dough, what else can you ask for and that’s made from scratch.”

Although McHale asked for a truck load of the cheesy breadsticks, one bite will convince anyone of that tasty goodness. No cheesy jokes about it. Even if someone shares one of those “dad” jokes at the table, just drown out the groans with another breadstick.

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Are you ready to take that first bite? The Casey’s Cheesy Breadsticks are available at stores now. An 8-stick order is just $3.99. Dipping sauces are extra.

What’s your best cheesy joke? Check back with FoodSided for more Joel McHale cheesy jokes in an upcoming feature.