Slim Jim brings doing only good everyday philosophy to WCK

Slim Jim NFT, photo provided by Slim Jim
Slim Jim NFT, photo provided by Slim Jim /

While people might remember the catchphrase, snap into a Slim Jim, the iconic snack brand appreciates that people can do more. While those moments of clarity might come during a time of indulgence, the philosophy has merit. Sometimes the commitment to doing only good every day needs its moment to shine.

On April 20, Slim Jim will be auctioning off its first ever “a galactic-themed NFT artwork featuring the iconic Shiba Inu DOGE.” While many people will be clamoring for that piece of art, there is a bigger picture to be seen. The proceeds from this auction will do some far reaching good.

Available exclusively through OpenSea, “ROCKET STICK SPECIAL EDITION “could be the envy of all the snack fans or maybe even rocket enthusiasts. As seen recently, these types of offerings have become quite trendy. Whether it is being on the cusp of a new trend or just wanting to stand out in the crowd, many people will happily bid on this piece.

According to the site, the auction will close on April 24 at 2:59AM ET. Slim Jim is not affiliated with “valuation of Dogecoin.”

Why should people bid on this Slim Jim NFT?

While owning this special item might give a person status, the reality is that the event raises funds for World Central Kitchen. According to the brand, 100% of net proceeds will be donated in U.S. dollars to World Central Kitchen. Previously, $10,000 was donated to the charitable organization.

According to a Slim Jim spokesperson, the support of WCK aligns with “Conagra Brands’ longstanding commitment to issues of food insecurity.” During times of crisis as well as in times of need, WCK has put food insecurity and community support into the conversation. The hope is that through this NFT campaign, the donation will “enable WCK to continue to provide food services to people in communities that are food insecure.”

This event is just one example of the Conagra Brands Foundation and its holistic approach to bettering the community. From donations to employee volunteerism, the all-encompassing approach is its way of enabling change.

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For now, if you want a piece of history and do good in the process, why not place a bid today. More importantly, embrace the concept of doing only good everyday. What good deed did you do today?