Could your four-legged family member be the Aldi Chief Treat Officer?

(Photo by John Keeble/Getty Images)
(Photo by John Keeble/Getty Images) /

In some ways, this pet contest could be the ultimate Aldi find. Currently, the brand is looking for an Aldi Chief Treat Officer. While some people might be hoping that this job is for tasting chocolates or wine, it is actually for furry friends. Is your dog or cat up for the task?

As many people appreciate, pets are a focal point of our families. Beyond a special place in our hearts, those four-legged friends have a place at the table, their own shelf in the pantry and maybe even their own closet. Whether you are a dog mom or a cat dad, the reality is that sometimes the pets are the king of the castle.

Aldi understands that these members of our family are very important and deserve the best treats. Many people prefer to purchase the Aldi Heart to Tail and Pure Being Brands. While always a cost-effective Aldi purchase, these brands help to support pets’ well-being. The idea is that a healthy, happy life starts with good choices. Just like the food that people put on the table for themselves, the food for their pets needs to be equally as good.

What is the Aldi Chief Treat Officer?

Now through April 28, Aldi is holding a special contest. Anyone is encouraged to nominate their cat or dog (sorry other pets are not included). In addition to a photo, the pet parent needs to explain why their furry friend deserves the job. Also, it might be a good idea to share why the animal loves Aldi Heart to Tail and Pure Being products.

While many pet parents will apply, it will be interesting to see who is the cat’s meow or the perfect pup. The reality is that every pet is special in their family. Even if your pet doesn’t earn the position, maybe they deserve a special treat just because. After all, pets give unconditional love, don’t they deserve food and treats that are good for them?

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What do you think of the Aldi Chief Treat Officer contest? Do you have a pet that should be entered?