Reynolds Wrap Now Has an Easy Open and Close Tab

New Reynolds Wrap containers, photo provided by Reynolds
New Reynolds Wrap containers, photo provided by Reynolds /

Quick, name your go to foil brand. Reynolds Wrap, obviously. The one of many things you cannot live without in your kitchen – foil – is getting a packaging upgrade!

Reynolds understands that consumers want convenience and ease of use and this package redesign makes that idea the priority. The new packaging design will keep those fingers away from the sharp edges so you can quickly get back to baking cookies, grilling veggies, or lighting up the grill for those tougher meats.

Reynolds Wrap knows that more consumers are cooking and baking at home so it’s the perfect time to improve their product for the everyday family.

About the New Reynolds Wrap Packaging

The modernized packaging still offers the same reliable foil you know and love for every cooking occasion, but now includes an easy open and close tab at the front and center of the box.

Fun fact, did you know Reynolds Wrap packaging is color coded specifically to help you navigate in the grocery aisle? We love color coding!

The product factsheet provided by the brand outlined the colors and their roles and here is what those bright, fun colors actually represent.

  • Blue – Heavy duty foil for thick and durable job. Likely the best option for a steak.
  • Yellow – Non-stick foil for those delicious cheesy meals like mac and cheese and of course for stickier jobs like baking cookies!
  • Green – This means the foil is 100% recyclable and has a smaller carbon footprint. Another surprising fact here is that this foil uses 90% less energy to make than developing brand new foil. Could be great to stock up on this one for Earth Day!
  • Pink – Your everyday foil that you probably have been using for years
  • Orange – Specifically for the grill as it is durable enough for heavier foods.

We know you aren’t running to the store for this new product, but at least now you can be a little safer in the kitchen.

You can find these upgraded foil packaging in stores nationwide starting now at an SRP of $3.99.