Reynolds Wrap says skip traditional Thanksgiving turkey for Desserkys

Desserkys from Reynolds Wrap, photo provided by Reynolds Wrap
Desserkys from Reynolds Wrap, photo provided by Reynolds Wrap /

Reynolds Wrap swaps traditional Thanksgiving turkey for Desserkys.

Ready to make Desserkys? Reynolds Wrap has revealed its special Thanksgiving turkey recipes for this year. After the Glitter Turkey and the Hot Cheetos Turkey, this year’s recipes are getting a sweet twist. Could Desserkys be the star of your Thanksgiving table?

Since Thanksgiving might be a little non-traditional, why shouldn’t the turkey have a little non-traditional take. While many people enjoy the combination of savory and sweet, these Reynolds Wrap recipes take that idea to a whole new level.

Over the past year, it seems that everyone has learned a new appreciation for baking. Whether it was making that sourdough bread or just the tempting aroma of cookies baking from the oven, those sweet treats have been the comfort food that people have been craving.

For this year’s creative Thanksgiving turkey recipes, Reynolds Wrap and its Thanksgiving recipes have been inspired by all that baking. Specifically, these Desserkys are a twist on some favorite holiday desserts. Are you ready for Pecan Pie Turkey, Gingerbread Turkey and Chocolate Turkey?

Before anyone scoffs at these Thanksgiving turkey recipes, the idea of combining some sweeter flavors with a turkey isn’t too far outside of the box. Instead of thinking about the dessert on the table, think about the flavors from those dessert.

Desserkys Thanksgiving turkey recipes from Reynolds Wrap
Desserkys for Thanksgiving from Reynolds Wrap, photo provided by Reynolds Wrap /

For example, the Pecan Pie Turkey has a brown sugar glaze with candied pecans. That brown sugar glaze can help create a succulent bird. Whether paired with some sweet potatoes or even cornbread stuffing, the sweetness and the pecans are classic fall flavors.

With the Gingerbread Turkey, the flavors bring the warm spices to the Thanksgiving table. Gingerbread has some lovely flavor that doesn’t always have to be super sweet. The dry rub combined with the molasses glaze might surprise everyone at the table.

And, if you don’t want to serve gingerbread men on the side, consider crumbling them onto of the sweet potatoes for an added crunch texture. It might become your signature side dish.

Lastly, the Chocolate Turkey might be the most surprising. While chocolate is used in many recipes, this recipe might need a leap of faith.

The chocolate BBQ glaze has amazing flavor, and you don’t have to serve chocolate shavings on the side. Consider playing with the savory notes in this recipe if you prefer a less sweet option. Remember, mole recipes use a lot of chocolate. That ingredient doesn’t always have to be sweet.

Reynolds Wrap has a variety of Thanksgiving turkey recipes on its website. From this year’s Desserkys to more traditional recipes, everyone can create a Thanksgiving dinner that will get rave reviews.

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What are you serving this Thanksgiving? Will you try a recipe that is a little out of the box?