Taco Bell Cravetarian proves guests never have to sacrifice bold flavor

Taco Bell Cravetarian, photo provided by Taco Bell
Taco Bell Cravetarian, photo provided by Taco Bell /

A new menu option is being tested and the Taco Bell Cravetarian could be a game changer for the popular quick service restaurant. While Taco Bell has always provided vegetarians with many menu options, this special offering brings a new vegetarian protein to the table. Where can you sample the Taco Bell Cravetarian?

With the goal to the be the “vegetarian leader in the quick service restaurant industry,” this newest Taco Bell menu innovation brings a bold option to the table. Although the popular brand has long offered a variety of menu swaps to make some popular dishes vegetarian, the reality is that it needs plant-based protein on the menu. Even though potatoes are tasty, sometimes you just crave that “meaty” flavor.

The Taco Bell Cravetarian is a “boldly seasoned plant-based protein.” While other brands have turned to popular plant-based food brands as their partners, this protein is different. According to the company, the protein is made from a “pea/chickpea blend.”

Basically, the special menu item is a riff on the original Crunchy Taco Supreme. The pea/chickpea seasoned protein is combined with the traditional Crunchy Taco toppings. From the shredded cheddar cheese to the diced tomatoes and of course, the reduced fat-sour cream, all the ingredients are piled into a corn shell.

Hungry for a Taco Bell Cravetarian?

According to company, the Taco Bell Cravetarian is “180 calories and is American Vegetarian Association certified.” In comparison, the classic Crunchy Taco Supreme has 190 calories.

Taco Bell Cravetarian
Taco Bell Cravetarian, photo provided by Taco Bell /

From appearance to texture to flavor, the Taco Bell Cravetarian is just like the traditional menu item but with a plant-based food swap. Now, vegetarians would have an additional choice. Whether you’re craving a heartier bite or just want that meat-like flavor, this special menu item could quickly become a fan favorite.

While many people would run to get a first taste of this menu item, the reality is only a few people will get this special taste test. The Taco Bell Cravetarian is only being tested the 14042 Red Hill Avenue location in Tustin, California. If you are in the area, send some feedback about the new menu item.

Although the quick service restaurant would not comment, it seems likely that some version of this vegetarian menu option could be available at all restaurants at some time in the future. Like most new menu items, there is a testing period before a nationwide roll out.

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Could this new menu item be at Taco Bell restaurants nationwide by the end of the year? That scenario remains to be seen, but the Taco Bell Cravetarian has a good ring to it.