Pepsi Blue returns and it is a sweet taste of nostalgia

Pepsi Blue returns, photo provided by Pepsi
Pepsi Blue returns, photo provided by Pepsi /

Grab your trucker hat and frosted lip gloss because Pepsi Blue is returning to store shelves this summer. Even if you remember when Kelly Clarkson became the first American Idol champion, it is time to create a new moment like that this summer. Can you remember that sweet berry cola taste yet?

While a classic Pepsi is always refreshing Pepsi Blue was a special treat. From the vibrant blue color to that berry cola flavor, enjoying that beverage was a treat. It wasn’t like Pepsi Cherry, it was its own flavor.

Although many people loved Pepsi Blue, it hasn’t been available for a long time. Even though many people longed for its return, the beverage remained a colorful memory, a wistful longing.

When can you buy a bottle of Pepsi Blue?

According to brand, Pepsi Blue returns to store shelves on May 3. The beverage will feature a “new bottle and packaging design.” The brand feels that the beverage’s return is perfect for the start of summer and pairs perfectly with “safe and responsible summertime activities.”

In a fitting way, the return was announced with the help of song that many people will remember. Yes, you will be singing La De Da the rest of the day.

The return of Pepsi Blue comes after several beverage announcements this year. From the limited time offerings of Pepsi Cocoa Cola to the Easter collaboration of Pepsi Peeps, the brand has found a way to blend pop culture with fizzy refreshments. Even if the flavors are something that seem like the unlikely food mash-up, many people have to get that sip to be part of the zeitgeist.

While some people will look to Pepsi Blue as a sip of nostalgia, it seems that the beverage might be a flavor trend for Pepsi. Recently, the brand added Pepsi Mango to its permanent line up. That tropical fruit infused beverage might sound like an unlikely combination, but it works. It will be interesting to see if more fruit infused flavors will be coming. Could a strawberry or orange Pepsi be next?

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For now, the summer is all about blue, Pepsi Blue. La De Da and that’s a beautiful day.