Transform favorite recipes with zesty Bush’s Beans Sidekicks

Bush's Beans Sidekicks, photo provided by Bush's Beans
Bush's Beans Sidekicks, photo provided by Bush's Beans /

Just like the hero needs a great sidekick, favorite recipes can get a boost from Bush’s Bean Sidekicks. While this food might not have a superpowers, each flavor can transform a dish from bland to bold with just a little boost. Doesn’t a recipe deserve this tasty upgrade?

For many households, Bush’s Beans are a pantry staple. With so many options under the brand’s umbrella, there is always a reason to open a can or two. From that award winning chili recipe to the summer barbecue staple, beans seem to go with everything.

The Bush’s Beans Sidekicks offer a twist to the traditional beans. Available in four flavors, Simmerin’ Caribbean black beans, Taco Fiesta black beans, Southwest Zest pinto beans, and Rustic chickpeas, there is an option for almost any food craving.

What makes Bush’s Bean Sidekicks a recipe staple?

While plant-based eating seems to be everywhere, the reality is that adding beans to dishes has been a popular choice long before the plant-based food trend. From the fiber to being gluten free to just being tasty, beans always seem to have a place on the table.

With the Sidekicks, the beans are more than just another filler ingredient. Due to the bolder flavors, they become the flavor enhancer. Whether incorporated directly into some favorite recipes or served alongside other food, the idea is to use the flavors within the Sidekicks to create a composed dish.

Although the Sidekicks have particular flavors, the seasonings will not overpower other dishes. They are designed to meld into all the other items on the plate.

From Southwest Zest Pinto Beans that have cumin and jalapeno to Mediterranean inspired chickpeas, the idea is to enhance the dish by amplifying the seasonings. It is time to put down the bottle of hot sauce because well seasoned food doesn’t have to be drowned in condiments.

To showcase how Sidekicks can work in a favorite recipe, Bush’s Beans shared Black Bean Fiesta Chicken Bake. While everyone will be impressed with the flavor, the cook will appreciate that it only takes five minutes to prep this dish. Who wouldn’t want a fresh meal that can be prepped in just five minutes and on the table in 30 minutes. It seems like the perfect solution to avoiding takeout, again.

The complete recipe for Black Bean Fiesta Chicken Bake can be found on the Bush’s Beans website.

This idea is one of the many uses for Bush’s Beans Sidekicks. The line is available at various retailers and can be found near the brand’s other products.

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What would you make with Bush’s Bean Sidekicks? Do you have a recipe that needs a little flavor boost?