Flex your morning routine with dairy dumbbells and :ratio Protein

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Healthy eating habits often support lifestyle choices. With :ratio Protein, General Mills brings a big boost of protein to yogurt choices. Packed with “25g of protein and 3g of sugar,” each spoonful is packed with the nutrition that people crave. What goals can you achieve one spoonful at a time?

Consumers have become more ingredient savvy. With so many options on the shelf, brands have to find ways to stand out in the crowd. While  loyalty runs deep, fitting into lifestyle choices cannot be overlooked.

When  General Mills brand launched :ratio, the yogurt and granola bars looked to fill a gap in the keto lifestyle. Many people were drawn not just to the nutritional aspects but also to the flavors. Still, the brand appreciated that it needed to look ahead to other options beyond the first product launch.

What is :ratio Protein?

The newest product in the brand’s line is a high protein dairy snack. Available in five flavors, “strawberry, vanilla, blueberry, coconut, and key lime,” the concept is to offer consumers another food that can work within their healthy eating and wellness goals.

For Doug Martin, president, General Mills dairy operating unit, the new product continues the brand’s commitment to innovation while still being mindful of “health and fitness goals.” He said, “We know consumers are seeking protein and with the introduction of :ratio PROTEIN, we’re providing a delicious solution within a familiar snack that delivers the most protein in the yogurt aisle in a single serve cup.”

To kick off the launch, the brand is giving away limited-edition Dairy Dumbbell. This weighted spoon is 2.5 pounds, which is a slight workout. Although it might not bring your arm muscles to ultimate fatigue or give you the perfectly toned bicep, the added weight makes eating a little more lively. Maybe if ice cream spoons were super heavy, it would be less tempting to eat a big bowl.

The Dairy Dumbbell is available via giveaway.ratiofood.com while supplies last.

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Are you ready for a protein boost? Sometimes one spoon at a time can make a put people on the path to smart eating choices.